Law Ladies’ Day – Report and Pictures

By Hosanna William and Kunle Whesu

Arguably the most anticipated and publicised event of this administration, Law Ladies Bespoke gently found its way into the subconscious of every member of our fine faculty, from the BBM PMs and DPs to the recurrent videos running intermittently on the lounge’s primary attraction, the signage TV. Pictures of many of our past beauties of the week floating all over the screen on a pink background with some quote about Rachel… We will not be forgetting Niki Minaj’s voice singing “I came to win…” in a hurry. In confidence, some guys actually told me they were beginning to wish they were Rachel.
Well, the day came and believe you me, that committee headed by our beautiful and brainy vice president, Tunrayo deserves to be celebrated for a long long time.  I am a guy, and Lord knows besides getting to interview law’s most beautiful ladies, getting to be at ladies day because I was ‘press’ made me love the job more.

Here is how ladies’ day 2015 went down:

The hall was beautifully decorated
The hall was beautifully decorated

The faculty of Law annex was beautifully decorated…well enough for law dinner to possibly hold there. And then the ladies decorated themselves too. Oh my you should have seen Temidayo Ayoola.
They were all stunning, expertly made up, and donning jumpsuits which did a good job of highlighting their ‘racheline’ figures. Our ushers could be seen in peplum gowns and broad smiles. (I hope I got peplum right, you will be shocked at how many of your girl stuff we don’t know jack about)

Another point they delivered beautifully on was the presence of the invited guests. Frank Donga my guy was particularly timely, and he sat through the program, (with me). If you just called me a famzer, stop reading my article.
Dignitaries present included the likes of Dr. Elegbe Williams, Professor Ayodele Atsenuwa, Mr. Gossy Ukanwoke, Lanre Olusola, Osi Suave, Frank Donga, Ruby from chocolate city, Hosanna William, and of course,  the pretty boy half the ladies in attendance came to see, and take selfies with, Bryan Okwara.

Group Therapy Session with Lanre Olusola
Group Therapy Session with Lanre Olusola
Bryan Okwara - This guy has been the most #MCM'd since the event
Bryan Okwara – This guy has been the most #MCM’d since the event
They almost fell him trying to take Selfies
They almost fell him trying to take Selfies

The program ran smoothly, as each of the guests took the stage to give thought provoking talks on all that had to do with Rachel, our generic bespoke lady; her qualities, abilities, responsibilities and challenges alike.


Our Melody Man, Kenneth Collins had the whole hall waving our hands as we enjoyed a powerful rendition of Beyoncé’s I was here. Four girls beside me fainted.

Ken doing his thing with a rendition of Beyonce’s “I was Here”

As part of the gimmicks of the event, the guests took turns taking selfies with the audience via selfie stick.

Awards were presented to deserving ladies in the faculty as the nominations and announcemenst of the winners were done Grammy style. A welcome innovation. We remember Wura is the most beautiful, Tunrayo is the leading lady and most popular, Bola is the most sociable, Omolade is the most athletic, Nkechi is the most charitable…among many other awards.

The Most Sociable - Bola
The Most Sociable – Bola
Too Athletic to Wait and Snap
Too Athletic to Wait and Snap” – The Most Athletic
The Most Beautiful - Wura
The Most Beautiful – Wura

This is worthy of mention: law girls like fine boys! If you see how they were all over myself and Bryan, I daresay at the very least, nine hundred selfies were taken that day.

And so as the program drew to its end, refreshments were served and photographs taken. Free tickets to concerts flew round, airtime vouchers and a load of of other pleasant giveaways. The first hundred or so people also received free ankara material… is it just me or did they really outdo themselves with this one.

Thumbs up to the team that made it happen. To Tobolos for his publicity and military BCs, Jones Ayuwo for his coordination. Seyi our photographer for the event, and every other person who in one way or the other made ladies day a pleasure.

Our verdict: We’re impressed.


IMG 20150616 153300
Hosanna William-Adusa. Also known as Verlos. 300 level. Light skinned. Early in three hundred level, he discovered he possessed a terrible disability: Verlos just sucked at minding his own business. Here, he gets to do that legit. So brace yourselves and look over your shoulders, put on your A game because Verlos is in lawve with your lives…

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