Fortunate Men

By Hosanna William Adusa

This is an attempt to impress Toyosi Onikosi. What you are about to read is a product of days of thinking on the ability of this lady to put in writing, ideas and stories which make you invariably smile at the end of every read.
I am not quite as gifted, only tell me if you smiled when you finished reading. It will suffice.

There are a few fortunate men who walk the earth.
Their fortune owing to varying orchestrations of fate.
Some are handsome. Pleasurable to look upon.
Towering in height, over and above as many as are not lucky enough to possess the same genetic wiring as themselves.
These effortlessly snatch the attention of women. Women we would work tooth…and nail…and knee to make notice the likes of us.
Maybe in my next life…

Some are fun. Pleasurable to be around. Towering in utterance, over and above the shy silences of the quiet. Words somehow seem to sound better when they are the ones saying them. Rolling smoothly off their golden tongues, musically enchanting all who would lend ear, and all who wouldn’t.
Maybe in my next life…

Some are rich. Pleasurable through and through. These never remove the silver spoons with which they were born from their mouths. Their presence is constantly announced, perpetually mesmerising, by their flock of fervent followers, paving the way long before their glorious procession. People like me.
Maybe in my next life…

Some are skilled. They can swim. They can play the piano. And the guitar. They can climb trees, they can push up, hundred times in hundred seconds. They have worked their bodies and minds to a point where on average, they are perfect. One may then wonder, nothing stops me from joining this category, but I am lazy.
Maybe in my next life…

And then some are just lucky. A look at them and you know that when the universe decides to be biased, it is things like this that it does. Good mother, good girlfriend, good wife. The three best kinds of women to have in your life. Then good dentition, good health, good reflexes. Good teachers, good friends, good grades. Good schools, good jobs, good luck. And then they are good themselves, so you cannot hate them.
Maybe in my next life…

But the musings of a man will not make the world, or his life better. And there is no next life. So I said to me ‘go… and add value to your existence.
Look good, if you can. Read, and speak, till you can do both well. Work, make money, learn to play the piano and the guitar. If you had not a good mother, or any mother at all, make sure your girlfriend is…and then your wife too. Make good friends, court great minds. Accept what life has given you, and take what it has not….’
Or not….
I will just keep musing. And hope that maybe, just maybe in my next life…

IMG 20150616 153300Hosanna William-Adusa. Also known as Verlos. 300 level. Light skinned. Early in three hundred level, he discovered he possessed a terrible disability: Verlos just sucked at minding his own business. Here, he gets to do that legit. So brace yourselves and look over your shoulders, put on your A game because Verlos is in lawve with your lives…



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