Cultural Pride Night!!!!

Year 5 have gone. I’m bored. Nobody recognizes that I’m the most beautiful. I’m hungry!!! I should just probably just bite that bullet…… πŸ“’ HOLLUP!!!

The solution is here! It’s the CULTURAL PRIDE NIGHT!!!

On Friday 11th of September, the Class of ’15 presents The Cultural Pride Night that would certainly surpass all that have come before it…..WHY?!!!!? πŸ“’

Let’s face it; the fact that there will be Spectacular feats of some Awesome Cultural Dances, The heart pumping and pulse racing, spell binding Professional Dramas, Amazing Traditional Music and The Most Anticipated Awards to be won is enough to burst our heads anytime! But that’s not all! The Cultural Night has in store……………..wait for it…………….be patient………….almost there……..are you ready?…………. SUMPTUOUS TRADITIONAL DISHES and PALM WINE!!!! πŸ“’ πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Yes, you can read it again, you read it right!!!

The venue is Staff School!
The Red Carpet begins at 2pm.

All you have to do is pick up your tickets for #1000 from the reps in various classes (including nominees ), and be dressed in your freshest native attire. SIMPLE !!!! πŸ“’

See You There πŸ˜€
Law Class of 15! It’s Never Enough!!!

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