Report and Pictures from J.O.C’s Y.A.R.N

YARN is a novel initiative from the a chamber in the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos; The Justice Oputa student chamber.”YARN” which stands for Y-Youths A-Are R-Ready N-Now is derived from the pidgin word “yarn” which means an informal discussion by a group of people on any issue(s).

The need to air the views and opinions of youths on issues affecting their country and the world gave rise to YARN. The issues discussed and deliberated upon in this program include; business and the economy, transgender, marital rape and other related issues.

Featured in this program were distinguished personalities from different works of life including experts in some of these fields who educated and enlightened the youth on these issues. The speakers present that day included : Our very own and the beautiful Dr Elegbe Williams, Raquel Jacobs, Social activist; Ayo Sogunro, The hilarious Lepacious Bose and Dr Kerry , once most beautiful girl in Nigeria who came in late but was able to give her contribution to the event.

Unfortunately the much anticipated Toke Makinwa was no-show due to an emergency which she apologized for. The programme remained a success even in her absence.

The programme had over 350 people in attendance and the different side attractions kept the hall buzzing,the meet and mingle session and the skit by Rolake were just some of the many exciting highlights of the event.


View more Pictures in the Slideshow below:

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This program goes beyond bringing youths together to deliberate on issues affecting the nation and the world but would in fact have a tremendous impact on them. A major impact which this program will have on the youths is to stir up the desire to be change agents in the society, the nation and the world at large. This program would also correct various false notions about issues like politics, sex, government to mention a few and enlighten the youths on the solutions to some of the problems presently besetting the nation and the world. This will be achieved by the discussions and opinions of the experts that would be present at the program. In the end, YARN will saw to the emergence of youths who are ready to transform and reform their society, the nation and the world at large.


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