Another Messenger

Alan Seeger

Exiled afar from youth and happy love,
If Death should ravish my fond spirit hence
I have no doubt but, like a homing dove,
It would return to its dear residence,
And through a thousand stars find out the road
Back into earthly flesh that was its loved abode.

“He looks young” this was the first sentence Thought thought to say to me since we got on this journey two minutes ago. I narrowed my eyes at him, he averted his eyes. Better! He should know more than anyone that I’ve never liked talking during an assignment. Maybe Desire was right,since I’m almost always on an assignment every day of the year I don’t get to talk to so many people… okay,to almost nobody at all. I sighed,well is that not life. Life? I grinned inwardly, very ironical.

A movement to my right caught my attention and I almost groaned out loud but damn! he’s young. Not the youngest I’ve seen,certainly not the youngest I’ve seen but full of scenes of youthful love and happier hours. Oh,if thou…
I looked at him with a grimace stuck on my face and after a while sighed. “Well,does it not just suck to suck these souls?” Thought asked. I had to pretend not to have heard him.
As I looked on,I wondered if perhaps someone had tried to hold a longer conversation with him but he had been too much in a hurry to have stayed on. Perhaps his phone was ringing but he was too stressed out to take a pause in his strides to get it out of his bag. Perhaps he should have been on his way to see someone but decided to go freshen up before going to meet up with ‘someone’. Perhaps another person was trying to call his attention to something but he just didn’t have time to decipher it. Perhaps he wouldn’t get to The Point by the stated time… “It’s Time” Thought dragged me out. Hovering,I sighed and went to work. I took the freshly-out soul and moved into the Shadows of my existence.
One down,more to go. “Who are you?” Soul asked in confusion. I forced on a smile that came out as a grimace “I’m Death,young one”. I didn’t look to see his reaction. I sighed and did the same thing I’ve been doing for centuries after an assignment, I thought to myself ‘Just one more,it’ll soon be over’.

I thought I heard Thought snort.

By Thorpeh

Published by Teni Akeju

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