Students’ Voices – Dedicated to Oluchi

Of a truth, since this session kicked off in January, there has been no week as spine-trigling, shuddering, doleful and electrifying as the 2nd week of September 2015. All tied and strapped to the unforgettable, remarkable and landmarking demise and decease of a damsel and gem experienced.

As a reminder, this is not the maiden record of such (loss of life) this year but why this seems and is more note worthy and sight calling is only explainable by the educatees and bookmen of this Ivory Tower. The ‘Akokites’ themselves.

… ‘Till we meet again!!!’
… ‘She’s finally gone yon!’
….’Enough of all these!’
… ‘None will you kill again’…

So went the chants and gong cries that sheared and fleeced our innocent listening organs. Hearts were broken. Spirits were in solitude. A jewel is gone.

Reporting reporters gave diverse reports that floored every nook and cranny. Many were conscious and anxious as regards the prior and proper steps that are expected of the school management. Condolences to her relatives and friends by students to the extent of cancelling all activities (academical and social) on Wednesday and a black Friday in honour of the deceased. Calls were made over to the all concerned authorities to actively, and with immediacy, ensure such action is prevented from displaying its ugly head of horns in the future.
Negligence in its entirety is what most have to render as the responsible word as a reaction to the alleged words from the corridors of power debunking the notion that the bait engaged by the underworld for the diabolic and mephistophelean occurrence belongs to the school and attributing the possession to the PHCN.

As mentioned earlier that only the students can be right, students’ voices present the comments gathered and garnered by some law students on the dreaded and dreadful event.

*DISCLAIMER* The comments below are genuinely generated as voiced by the students. Any discomfort as a result of the comments below should be appropriately expressed.


”… The school management must be held responsible for this tragedy”- Bishop Duke (200L, Law)

“Silence is a crime in an unjust society…
While we mourn the death of an illustrious, reported first class student of the Department of Accounting, we must not only groan in our cocoons, it is important that we come out and have a university-wide procession, for the sake of the dead and even the living…”- Waleey Opeyemi (Law)

”… Negligence!… Outright negligence”- Dara Oluwafemi (Law)

“O.M.G! I pity her mother”- Candy Crush

Chimo! Just like that? Is that how people die? – Gift

“Jesus MI o. Her mother!”- Meddiey

“May her soul rest in perfect peace”- Pianist 441

“No one could help in such a situation…”- Ay

“May God bless her soul” – Kizzy

“… It is not an isolated incident! I frequent New Hall a lot and that particular electric line has been sparkling almost every other day! And nothing, absolutely nothing has been done about it! It is extremely ridiculous and now, it has cost us a beautiful friend, a brilliant mind and a bright future”- Jones Ayuwo

“The most annoying thing is the statement credited to the V.C that the electric pole belongs to PHCN not UNILAG- Lord Henry Ikwunemere

“May her soul rest in peace” –Victor Eromzy

Nawa oh! that’s how people die… I thank God for the gift of life”- Annie Debbie

“Her parents should sue the school please”- Ify Obi

“It was an accident… It could have happened to anybody”- Deborah Oriade

“We all don’t want to die young, and we all want to achieve; but it’s the Lord’s wish”- Mosheybolatan

“Jesus!!… 1st class student? Dats wasted talent right there… Shi…ooh Lord”- Jay Flacko

As a family and team, the law faculty through this honourable blog and other platforms pray that the fortitude to bear this inevitable loss is granted to everyone human connected with OLUCHI.

IMG 20150816 WA0002
Ajayi O. Samuel. Popularly known as ‘SamAzing’. He believes natality permits him to write while creativity commands him to write right. A learner from experienced pen Lords, he concurs; A prospective author. Never misses a chance to treat a lady right. Lover of God. His pen tells more…
-Ajayi Samuel


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