Student of the Week – Mayowa Olagbaiye

The Ladies’ man, a Scholar, Compere, Confident, Handsome, with a charming sense of humour (this was like being an OAP, work and fun doing the same thing), I introduce to you(*****drumrolls*****) ….………….OLAGBAIYE Oluwamayowa Oluwole, a recent ‘supposed’ graduate of the faculty(it’s how they now like to be called). He’s from a family of 7, 5 kids-middle child, born on the 13th of November, from Ondo state. His hobbies are making people laugh and happy and (of course) FIFA.

How would you describe yourself and how has that influenced the person that you are now? First let me say I laugh and joke a lot, but that hasn’t stopped me from being serious when it matters. I believe that if what you are doing doesn’t make you happy, then it’s not worth it; and it has influenced the way I live, because I try as much as possible to take my days one at a time and just live it (#team yolo)

When I asked him why he chose to study law, he had this to say “I’ve always wanted to study law right from time (no parental influence). Law always looked fancy in all those shows, you know, not like this one that we are doing. But no regrets still. (laughs) Funny how stuff we watched on those law series differ from real life.” And then I had to ask which his favourite was? “Suits, definitely” (cliché). “Who doesn’t want to be Harvey or Mike?” His best character is Mike Ross though.

It’s been 5 years, describe the experience in three words: (laughs) in three words: Hollup, it’s over”. He added “But law school is still there, so we move”
What challenge(s) did you face and how you get over them(overcome)? “Isn’t every day as a law student a challenge on its own? I mean, and we made it this far (You see why I said I joke a lot). But really, every year came with its own challenges and I’m glad I was able to overcome them. Trying to unite the trinity of an Academic life, Social life and very importantly ‘Sleep’. It’s not been easy, but we are here now.” (true word!)

I asked him what his worst experience was and, he had this to say, This final semester in Unilag hasn’t been beans. Trying to study and write a project was a challenge with exams in under a month because of law school. But the fear of failure definitely kept me up and going. Also, I remember last year when I was the Director of Research, Tax Club and we were planning our first debate which was a few weeks to exams, and you start regretting that who sent you to run for a post ( ._.) With all the planning, but I endured and it was a success.”

Who are your friends (the real Gs)? “Lol you mean the squad. My baby girls-Chiz, Toowo, Layide- Tayo, Simi, AJ, Banilux’15 to mention a few”

Mayowa has at various points and, even at the same time, been the Director of research TTC, Volunteer WEFA- Abuja, Volunteer AFIELN(African International Economic Law Network Forum), Intern at KPMG Professional Services and Olaniwun Ajayi LP, Volunteer for C2C, Delegation to the 16th Annual Tax Conference in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, and Volunteer for U-Turn Africa.

How did you get involved and what was the experience? I got involved in all these projects in different ways. But still, I have to thank my circle of friends, because we did most of them together. For WEFA for example, I remember Chiz and I applying on the deadline day, we weren’t even bothered if we got it but just made sure we tried. And I think that’s very important and people should also learn from this. When some of these opportunities come, it actually won’t cost you anything to try and send in the requirements they ask if you have them. Don’t worry about whether you’d get picked just yet, but just make an effort and that’s what my friends and I started doing since our second year and now our CVs are entering 4 pages (although no be by that one).
He also added “WEFA was a great experience which opened a number of doors for all of us who volunteered because we were the only set of volunteers that were re-used for subsequent projects that came along the line due to the training and exposure we got. And with that, Volunteering in subsequent projects like U-Turn Africa and AFIELN (African International law Network Forum) was a no brainer.”IMG-20150920-WA0012
“You know how diverse this law is, which is one of the reasons that prompted me to volunteer in some of these projects (most unpaid, although we got paid at WEF) so that I could understand what they actually do in certain areas of the law before I get into the job market. Some people can’t do volunteer work, and I think it’s not for everyone. But if you can, one or two won’t be bad for the exposure and it also looks good on a CV. I remember my interviewer at Olaniwun Ajayi telling me I’d get the job as an intern because of the experience I had on my CV.
He chipped in this fact
-But while volunteering and getting experience, also don’t forget the grades, because some of them require a certain CGPA. So you need to find and strike a decent balance and you’d be fine

From the long list of your achievements, what experiences have you gathered that you think will help you in the nearest future? “I’ve learnt quite a lot from my experiences and gathered useful skills along the line. Ranging from as basic as composing official emails (and I mean it, because I know a handful of people that cannot write any form of official correspondence) to the importance of keeping to time. Anytime I mail my friends playfully, they are always like this ‘Mayowa is too serious, see what he just composed!’ And the importance of keeping to time and getting any task done, not just done, but done well.

He claims that it has helped him now and he knows it will not stop helping him, amongst other skills.
I was eager to ask, “Your experiences, how have they helped you become who/what you are now? And do you plan to build on them ahead?” and he had this to say: “I actually don’t mind and I have thought about it. Although it’s a really long term goal. I’ve been thinking of coming back to teach Company Etiquette or something around that, at least with the small experience that I have, because I haven’t finished learning myself (*with hands on my head*…small experience ke)
“Only time will tell….Hopefully, if people keep whining me, it might come sooner. ( ._.)

How have your relationships helped you to develop? And do you plan to build on them ahead? I thank God I’ve had and have good relationships which have helped me, and like I said earlier, most of these experiences and jobs I acquired and got respectively were not on my own. I did most of them with friends and Day 1s. Even besides this whole experience thing, I’ve had relationships that have impacted my life positively in other areas and helped me get to where I am today and I guess I’ve also been able to impact a few as well. I believe that you are an average of 5 or is it 10 people you roll with. So it’s important we make good relationships in life and also be a person that people can learn from too. It’s a two way thing. I’d definitely build on the relationships I have and who knows, I might partner with my Day 1 in a future law firm.” (*wink*)
Is there anything you wish you’d done? Or done differently? During your stay here? Probably be funnier than I was, if that’s possible (like he can’t stop being funny!) or to have been more involved in the faculty with an association besides the one I did. But no regrets so far. (I liked that!)

Who is your favorite lecturer and course? “Ah! That’s tough o. For my favorite lecturer, it’s a cross between Prof. Akin Oyebode because I just love the man. He’s too brilliant for my liking and comfort and I enjoy his stories. Then there’s Dr. Abiola Sanni, my course adviser and school Daddy, and off course my baby girl, Dr. Sope Williams-Elegbe, (Choi!!! This got me shaken) who was my project supervisor and small aunty. These three made me happy. My favorite course sef is a tough one. Because the fear of failing basically made me like them by force (although I hated and still hate Conflict of laws). But instead of best course, Courses I enjoyed were Criminal law, Criminology and Taxation.

When I asked him to tell us something we didn’t know about him, it took him a while to figure it out, but after a while “If my liking cooking shows count, then that’s one.” (Y’all should know he and I share a common secret he begged not to reveal on here…Holla if you’re keen)

What was your best and worst moment being a student? He admitted that this was a tough one. “I don’t think I’ve had a bad or a worst moment because I pray against bad moments, who wants them ( ._.). Instead, I’ve had bad days as a student- Thursdays as a year 2 student was definitely a day I never looked forward too. In fact, I used to call it “Super Thursday” cos we had 4 classes back to back from 8am. So annoying! But as for best moment, I can’t even place a finger on any. I’ve had good moments. My turn ups generally were my good moments as a student.”

Do you have any project(s) ahead? “I’m not working on any project currently, because law school is too soon. Let’s go and ace that first, then other projects can come along.”

OTINWA Busayo,
For the Blog Committee

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