The Clarion Call (2)-(Year One Exclusive)

You are not who you are until you are who you are.
It’s so simple.
You’ve read the ‘Clarion call’. Well, this as well is rightly for you
if you are perusing it at the mo’.
So, the personalization goes “ME”.

I am in year one.
Many call it a market gathering. This I will like to refute. But
before that, I’m not so sure if they are rightly right or they’re on
the contrary.

My mates are every where. After classes, we flood the environs be it @
Staff School, FSS, Arts Theater or even at the Sciences. Awaiting the
lecturer, everyone is buzzing. Postponement of lectures, everyone is
I’m in year one.
The law lounge witnesses our presence alongside the LSS office almost
every beam of time.
“You are new to the faculty”… They tell us.
“They are just year one students”
This our listening organs never stop to perceive daily.
Well… I can’t just wait for the next session to manifest.
Four, ‘4’ group chats. Impressive. But what businesses do we engage in
on these platforms? ERM, we…erm… Honestly, I don’t know.

A class rep,
An assistant,
Seven or is it 5 senators?
3 liaison officers.
This is another talk for the better day. Sorry for the diversion.

You’re just spending a session in this faculty. What do you know? Shut
up! Sorry, short up! You and your write -up.
I’m in year one.
I know nothing.

I know nothing but you know the thing; that I know something when the
thing, sorry, the meeting we call selecting in the name of elections
come sitting.
I’m not sure I know nothing.
At least, I know you know that I need vote for you.

Class is over. The lecturer was funny at first but he ended frowning.
The note is ‘many’. I am even ‘tiring’. I need to be eating. I cannot
go to library.
Hello! My friend, no dulling; exam is coming.

Elections are coming. The candidates are running. Flyers are inviting.
Running runners are coming to our classes. I mean soliciting. I’m even
tired sef. My friends  say this one. Me, I say that one. This one,
that one. After all, my class is the harvest ground. The market place
where we are innocent  and our tenderness played upon. As Hossana
plays ping-pong and Ayuwo plays on words, so are we played about.
This is year one.
I won’t be deceived. I will go for the best man. The best man is only one man.
I won’t be played upon. I will do it right. No sentiments but
elements. Content before gestures as Waleey will say.
I can be different. Once my mental faculty is changed, my relevance,
even in this faculty, won’t be denied.
I want to be MAD.
Yes, MAD.

When I’m Making A Difference, (MAD), then, I am me.
IT IS ME. I am not mean but I mean I am just me.
This is year one exclusive; never a fan of D.J Exclusive but I must say:
I’m in year one.


Ajayi Samuel.
IMG 20150816 WA0002Ajayi O. Samuel. Popularly known as ‘SamAzing’. He believes natality permits him to write while creativity commands him to write right. A learner from experienced pen Lords, he concurs; A prospective author. Never misses a chance to treat a lady right. Lover of God. His pen tells more…


  1. Well, I’m in year one. True words. Can’t just wait to flee this shady zone down to where it counts, where I’m counted and where I’m relevant; cos I’m just in year one.
    God bless your reasoning bag SamAzing.


  2. I’m a student of U.I
    Permit me cos I’m not sure if students outside Unilag are allowed to comment. Sam sends this site link to me every time and I’m impressed by the work. I wish my dept and faculty has a platform like this . though we are still the best in all ramifications.


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