#LSSElectionSeries – Presidential Aspirant – Wale Ajayi (Langa)

Leadership experience should not be confined to the LSS alone. It should spread its tentacles to other areas. Me not being an executive in a chamber or the LSS is a strong point for me…

Introduce yourself?

My name is Ajayi Adewale Oluwapelumi. I am a 400Level student of the Faculty of Law University of Lagos. I am a Lagosian (Epe-Agbowa to be precise). I am a Christian. I believe in Religious freedom and development of intellectual ideals.

Any Nickname?

“Wale langa”

What are your Hobbies?

My hobbies are; going out with my friends to the movies,reading, watching documentaries etc.

…i dont expect to lose

Any Posts held in the faculty?


I was once a Senator, Founder and chief Moderator of the Book club (Erudites),course rep for several courses.

Why do you want to run for president?

I believe that it takes a need to provide a vision and the best vision one can have in life is to serve his peers and the general public at large. I am running because i see potential and talents that are ready to explode, i see young visionaries transcending to a global state and i want to ensure that everyone is given a fair opportunity to compete and everyone is carried along in the train of success. It is a Fact that we no longer compete with Nigerians but students in the global sphere and we need to equip ourselves for such a cause. The Society is called the ‘Law Students Society’. The important word is ‘STUDENTS’ regardless of their interest in Law or not. I am running to expand the scope of the society to other areas or works of life. I don’t want anyone to be left behind in the train of success. I want to see a realisation of Goals for all.

by the time i am done we will have improved on the state of the Faculty. I can’t put us in the destination of our goals but i guarantee that we will be put in the path of success

Do you have a vision for the faculty?

I have a vision of a Faculty of Law with established potentials and by the time i am done we will have improved on the state of the Faculty. I can’t put us in the destination of our goals but i guarantee that we will be put in the path of success.

…i dont expect to lose

If you lose…. What should we expect?

First of all I have put in my best and with God he will crown my effort with success and I don’t expect to lose but I am running for the benefit of the society and the winner can incorporate the ideas we have put forward and I can help to foster growth and development.

Who do you consider your greatest opponent?

All the candidates are putting up a fight and they are all contenders.

What defect in the law student society do you see now that really needs to be remedied?

An extreme concentration on a particular front and internal disunity, individual responsibility rather than collective responsibility. Lack of concentration of the primary focus of the society.

It is a Fact that we no longer compete with Nigerians but students in the global sphere and we need to equip ourselves for such a cause.

What was the turning point in your decision to run for president?

The lack of a concrete plan for the betterment of the society coupled with misplaced priorities.

Any new ground breaking innovation for the faculty?

There are several; Legal compendium, LMUN-Lag Model United Nations, Academic Secretary, Resurgence Academic Scheme, Law drama Night, open mic, law entrepreneurship and empowerment initiative, cooking competitions, exchange program,etc.
As regards career opportunities for students, i am expanding career fair to not just law alone as Law is not an end but a means to an need. Furthermore, internships position if utilized will do this also.
As regards students not interested in Law, the society will help them connect to their various choice points for career opportunities. We will know this through questionnaires. The entrepreneurship and empowerment scheme will also aid in this.

What are your plans for students representation to the faculty/ student relations to the faculty in terms of course registration, faculty dues, faculty registration, result,etc?

I think the PRO has not done enough in alerting students about course registration. What i propose is a bulk sms reminding students about the closing of course registration and class to class announcement as not all students are on social media platforms. As regards Faculty dues, i believe it should be used for the right reasons and programs that will benefit the students. As regards result complains, i plan on opening a box in the LSS office for complains that have not been resolved by the Faculty and have not been attended to properly for some reason or the other
the academic committee will be in charge of surfing through and sorting out which will now be forwarded to myself or the general secretary for immediate actions every tuesday in a week. Thus the day will be dedicated to complains where i will discuss with the sub dean and concerned lecturers or course adviser on such an issue. This is for better administration and effective management. However on exceptional cases other days can be fixed to attend on the matters. As regards registrations, some of the plans i have is to renovate the LSS equipments and ensure the better use of printers monitors and photocopy machines. I plan on adding the Fourth cpu and monitor solely used for students course registration. We will have an LSS that will be solely committed to us.

Do you feel holding positions will aid or mar your presidency aspiration?

Personally i believe Leadership experience should not be confined to the LSS alone. It should spread its tentacles to other areas. Me not being an executive in a chamber or the LSS is a strong point for me because i have been able to observe this administration and i can confidently say that it has its ups and down and everyone that participated also has a blame because they are all executives as it is a collective responsibility. So i am coming with a new wave of ‘communal ruling’ where everyone will lead and carry out their duties effectively and where there will be an atmosphere of mutual respect and regard for each person regardless of age and level. I have held several Leadership positions in some organisations even Larger than the LSS population. Not holding a position is to my advantage.

Your plans for chamber /societies and the problem of donor fatigue?

I applaud the effort by this administration to bring chambers together and to ensure that they reason out dates, events and so on for better communication and understanding. I plan on sticking with this. I also have plans of joint programs with the LSS and chambers abd chambers with themselves. For example, Eso and ADR can work on a mediation and Family rights.this is a program off my head and they can bring their resources together. Also oputa and maritime can work on a program, Oil and Gas and Taslim, Tax and Gani, Moot and the LSS. This will foster unity and better planning. As regards donor fatigue which is a major issue ,what we can do is to have a close door meeting to cross check sponsors and indicate the ones that each one of us use as patrons so as to avoid this and this will be done with respect and understanding as the LSS recognises the independence of these chambers.

Any Internally generated revenue plans?

I have several. The funds from trade fairs I plan to hold for shows and this will pay for the hall, the monthly donation by students for the needy fund, the investment by LSS into the empowerment fund, LSS blog as a medium for advertisement and so on.

Any lessons learnt from working with or watching previous administrations?

My lesson learnt is the need for team work because some people say cornel failed or was wrong i believe it was lack of team effort and individualistic ideals mostly based on selfish intents because regardless of our intentions, if we are in a place you work with it to achieve your aims and when you have issues, you settle in house and if you know you can work well or the values differ with yours, you resign. So i learnt the need for in house unity and understanding. Also the need for carrying people along which was not prevalent in this administration and also the essence of being pro student.

What do you hope to see from your opponent in the election?

I wish them all the best.

You all seem to have the same ideas. What sets you apart from every other person?

We don’t have the same ideas, and our ideas are quite different. My aim for coming to the LSS is to redefine focus and priority. I believe it is essential to balance both socials and academics and one must not outweigh the other. I also want to provide a means for career platforms for students intending to practice law and also other areas apart from law, my ideas are genuine and realistic which is essential considering the time frame. My ideas also draw from my passion.This sets me apart.

What is a perfect day for you?

Putting smiles on the face of people.

Any strange obsessions?

Beans and giving out.

Who are your role models?

Jesus christ, Dr D.K Olukoya, Professor Oyewo, Dr Sanni, Dr Oni, Dr Odusote, Professor Atsenuwa, Mr Folarin and Mr Ibrahim, Deinde Fernandez

Your mentor?

Jesus christ and Professor Oyewo.

Any previous achievement that has benefitted law students?

I have been privileged to hold tutorials for several classes,mentored students,held charity events,helped in examining questions for students.

Published by Teni Akeju


  1. Sounds preachy, with all the Jesus Christs in it. Role model, Jesus, Mentor, Jesus. Lmao. Girlfriend? Pls don’t. I know you’re straight. You sound all sweet and happy go lucky. The exact opposite of pur friend Ayuwo who chose to go with the gritty realism. I hope you know what you are doing and what all you are saying means considering that you’ve had zero on hands experience as you admitted. I hope as you hope that this works out for the better. That its rare that inexperience is beneficial. But one can hope.


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