#LSSElectionSeries – Our Poll

The L.S.S Elections hold six days from today. Students of the Faculty of Law turn out in droves at the venue of the elections to cast their votes for the man whom they believe is most capable of leading the faculty for the next year – some would vote for the candidate whose ideas are the most realistic or whose ideas are the most headbursting; the one who is untainted by the stains of any L.S.S administration or the one with unparalleled experience at leading the faculty; the one who preaches new possibilities or the one who plans to leave a legacy; or maybe you’ll be voting based on who spoke to you first or who has been your guy since day 1…

Bolaji Benson, the able treasurer of the faculty of law, who in his capacity as Treasurer of the L.S.S was at the right hand of the president and will be credited with the introduction of the sale of pop-corn to boost the L.S.S’ I.G.R. But his detractors might say, “he sprung out of nowhere!”; “he was never truly able to give a decent account of L.S.S expenditure when called to the senate.” Bolaji Benson would say he brings #NewPossibilities..
What do you say?
Dara Oluwafemi looking after the academic welfare of the students first with the sales of Jude’s Notes and his own Note Series Dara’s Notes. He distinguished himself as the Secretary General of Gani Fawehinmi Students’ Chambers in the administration that was able to bring a sitting Governor to the faculty but some would point at the career fair and ask why he brought a WAEC Official to address University undergraduates… And recent allegations of cheating on a test and copying the manifesto of another candidate do him no favours… But Dara says he plans to leave a #Legacy. What do you say?
Wale Ajayi, a surprising expectation, left us wondering”Will he or won’t he?” Any member of moot would proudly testify to the kind of leader Wale is…but therein lies the question…he wants to bring a #Resurgence, where was he all the time the L.S.S was going into ruins? Wale has distinguished himself as a leader in the Mooting Society and organising tutorials but the L.S.S is a completely different ball game …Does Wale, who arguably has the least experience of all the candidates, have it in him to handle the politicking and navigate the murky waters that is the L.S.S? Wale says he is bringing a #Resurgence. What do you say?
Jones Ayuwo, ladies man, smooth talker, genius writer…but none of these skills is required in a President? P.R.O of The Tax Club, P.R.O of Taslim Elias…getting to the L.S.S, some expected the publicity of the L.S.S to include banners floating around on Helicopters! They would say Special Students’ Forum, Stakeholders’ Forum; He would say Law’s Got Talent, Ladies Day and the Abiola Ojo Sports Festival! “He was always at loggerheads with his president, He is cocky! He didn’t handle the Lex Observer the way we expected Jones to” Jones says he has the #Elixir
What do you say?


Published by Teni Akeju

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  1. The tone of the writeup is rather droll amd almost rude. That attempt at sardonic humour the writer aims at falls short.
    Allegations of copying a manifesto by Dara? I had not heard that. Maybe the complaints were made to you directly?
    As for where Wale was? You already said that…running the moot. You don’t know your own mind? Or why asking questions after you answer them?
    As for Jones being a ladies man, I don’t know where you got that. And that boarders on slander as I know him to be a man of one wife. Never seen or known him to be with or ‘do’ another girl. You might soon be called to provide the facts for the claim to him being a ‘ladies man’ unless you don’t know what ladies man means.
    Some of what you say bothers on slander and the opinion of the writer is not quite in insightful and rather unnecessary. Speaking of which, ain’t ypu supposed to be unbiased? Bolaji’s account of expenditure was indecent? Okay…from whose perspective though? From yours. Good to know who you’re not with. Good to know the lss’s opinion.
    I thought you guts had a no interference policy with the elections. What happened? Thought about how it might affect your traffic? Good that someone here started thinking. Even if its late


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