#LSSElectionSeries: Presidential Aspirant – Bolaji Benson

my concern is more on results. One of the main reasons we’re in school is for academic excellence

Please introduce yourself?

My name is Bolaji Benson Oluwapese. Friends call me BJ Benson. I like Learning and getting to meet new friends…

Please give us a rundown of any positions you may have previously held in the Faculty?

I was the Academic Secretary at Gani Fawehinmi Chambers; an LSS Senator and I’m currently the LSS Treasurer

Any political ambitions outside the faculty?

No. I’m not a politician.

What is your vision for the Faculty?

New Possibilities that’d involve everyone regardless of age, sex, religion, tribe, belief or clique. Also, to promote equality and oneness amongst students of the faculty.

My plan is to set up what we would call the LSS SPONSORSHIP SCHEME using the adopt-a-child’s-academic-life technique to cater for their needs and help them till they complete their LLB program here

In your opinion, what fundamental defect exists right now in the LSS that needs to be remedied and what was the turning point in your decision to run for President?

The division of interest; individuals tend to place their own personal interests over and above the interest of the faculty. I am indebted to a society that has provided platforms for me to learn and serve in various capacities is the major reason I’m running for president. I want to give back to society.


Any groundbreaking innovation for the Faculty?

I know several students of this faculty above a 4.0 CPGA who cannot afford basic fees. Some of these are enrolled in the University’s WORK-STUDY PROGRAMME yet their financial quagmire lingers. My plan is to set up what we would call the LSS SPONSORSHIP SCHEME using the adopt-a-child’s-academic-life technique to cater for their needs and help them till they complete their LLB program here. As the saying goes, he who hasn’t touched a heart cannot ask for a hand. More details @ the Manifesto

Basically, my concern is more on results. One of the main reasons we’re in school is for academic excellence. The faculty has done a great job in ensuring that every student has a course adviser. What my administration would do is to foster the lecturer-student relationship beyond the four walls of classrooms. Trust me, if we have easier access to our lecturers for one-on-one counselling and tutorials, our results would make more sense.

Do you have any plan for chambers/societies and the problem of Donor Fatigue, and do you have any Internally Generated Revenue Plans?

For chambers/societies, I intend to organize a 3-day leadership training for all executives of each chamber/society/association featuring famous life-coaches and leadership experts. This would help in promoting the sense of unity and oneness I spoke about earlier. This way, the interest of the faculty would be placed over and above those of individuals. As for donor fatigue and IGR, well I must say that the faculty doesn’t support the use of faculty property for the generation of funds. This was evident from the LSS business venture (POPCORN) which I pioneered but was short-lived for the above-mentioned reason. Then as for donor-fatigue, in my view we have a lot of willing donors already however, the challenge has been how we have presented our needs to them.

Should you lose in the forthcoming elections, what should we expect from you?

Expect a show of maturity as I’m determined to always give back to the faculty…

On a personal note, what do you hope to achieve from being LSS President?

NewPossiblities (*smiles*)

What is a perfect day for you?

Every day is a perfect day for me for it is what we think that we feel and what we feel manifests…

Any strange obsessions?

Excellence… cos I’m sapio-sexual(I love intelligence)


Any previous achievement that has benefited law students?
Before I was voted in as the current Treasurer of the Law Students’ Society last year, I had served as a volunteer in the National Association of Nigerian Visually Impaired Students(NANVIS) where I was a great source of help to blind students within and without the faculty. I then became a member of the Senate where I gave my all to effectively represent the interest of all law students as I moved a motion for the correction of the preamble of our constitution because the values entrenched in it did not align with the idea that it represents our objective for forming an association based on the all-round welfare of the students. As the Academic Secretary/Head of Library of the GANI FAWEHINMI STUDENTS CHAMBERS, I organized tutorials and went on to give the chambers the most up-to-date library in the faculty in terms of law reports. As Treasurer of the LSS, asides publishing the statement of income and expenditure of the society, I coordinated the LAW EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM, a platform which empowered several law students vocationally… Res ipsa loquitur


  1. You were fin sec in the administration that was giving a delegation of three people 3500 to go to Lekki and come back. You people could not drop money to do lex observer or anything worthwhile but you want to organise an all law sponsorship programme. OK. It is known however, the cameleon may change colour, its skim remains the same. It is known.


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