Report and Pictures from the Class of ’15’s Cultural Pride Night

By Hosanna William; Photography by Olamide Egbinola

The Law Class of ’15 are a proud class, in a good way, I mean, any class with the likes of Dare, Gamaliel, Tobi, Tofola, General, Temidayo, AJ, Temitope Odeyinka among a ton of others is bound to stand out in every sphere of endeavor. The cultural pride night, which was a beautiful way to commemorate five…or four years of writing examinations with red pens and citing cases of individuals who lived centuries before yourself, which would ordinarily have nothing to do with your existence were it not for the course of study called law, was no exception to the touch of excellence which followed this class and hopefully will not leave the faculty with their exit. Let us get to the event.
The staff school hall had previously never been so beautifully adorned and decorated with the most pleasant to behold set of doodads seen around Unilag. We had Folusho of the class of ’17 to thank for it.

The Hall was beautifully decorated
The Hall was beautifully decorated

We entered the hall and all we saw was yellow, white a little gold here, a little blue there and then the tables had these really nice thingies (we don’t know their names sadly, but we know we enjoyed seeing them) sitting on them. Summarily, it was all very beautiful, really.
And the program itself was not any less beautiful than the decoration of the hall, in fact, it made the glitz and glamour of the venue worth the time of everyone who was in attendance. We apologize if you were not there, you missed. However, we will try to remember a few of the numerous fun stuff that took place, for your benefit. We remember there was a beautiful rendition of the national anthem, with a slightly traditional, ‘yorubaish’ twist to it. There was praise and worship session too, in Igbo and Yoruba, we’re still dancing, just remembering it now. Then there was drama and funny funny funny performances, all depictive of our beautiful and diverse cultures. But beyond all the gimmicks of the show, what made it really, was the people, the costumes, the smiles, the pictures, the selfies, the awards, the applauses and the ambience of satisfied students saying ‘yes, we’re here now’.

Funny Performances
Funny Performances

For MC’s, we had Agbash Richard Omere and Kesha Oyinade.

The hosts for the day - Kesha and
The hosts for the day – Kesha and Richard
The  Hosts - Kesha and Richard
The Hosts – Kesha and Richard

There were special tables reserved specially for the senior member of the class of ’15. Names like Jibbs, Tofola, Dare, DamilolaOlugbemi, Simi Show, Mr. Id, Topa, Feranmi and Dre Gavin.

Special Table Reserved for “The Senior Members of the Class of ’15”


There was also a fashion show by Vivian Bisola Ajayi and Toketemu of the Class of ’16 whose models donned some really stylishly crafted Ankara outfits with a touch of sexy.

DSC_0588-001 DSC_0708-001 DSC_0704-001

We also got a few names of various tribes and the people who wore them, and they looked good; Victoria in a scary and hot calabar attire, she looked something like a priestess, the kind you’ll willingly let charm you. And then in Fulani attire we had a beautiful girl called Amina, how typical. And then my personal crush, Maureen the ADR president showed a magnificent display of ‘efikacy’. She looked like an Efik queen (gimme a second while I look at her picture again). Joy Ibok was calabar and General Lizzy reppped the egbira people of kogi state beautifully.

OT Studios-86DSC_0661-001

Fashion from the night
Fashion from the night

That is not all, at all. The menu was traditional too. Palm wine overflowed and made our hearts merry, pepper soup came in next, there was even swallow! And yam and potatoes and fish and meat and in short, there was food, good food. There was a selfie moment, there was a couples’ dance competition and then came the awards…

All the five levels were duly represented and recognized, there was a certain Manny and Angels who won the best clique in the class of ’19. Anita was their all-rounder. The class of ’18 had Giwa as their best dressed along with Damilola Odubote. The class of ‘17 had Kemi Balogun as best dressed, Bafewa Sanni as the most handsome and the most sought after. Wura, the most beautiful and Tobolos was the most charismatic and the all-rounder. Class of ‘16 most handsome was Poju, the class clown was Tunmibi and the best cliques was Toke and friends.

DSC_0715-001 DSC_0757-001

Giwa won Best Dressed
Giwa won Best Dressed


Roqeeb and Keji - Best Couple Class of '16
Roqeeb and Keji – Best Couple Class of ’16
Yemi Adebo
Yemi Adebo
Poju receiving his award
Poju receiving his award
Dominic - Class Clown (Class of '17)
Dominic – Class Clown (Class of ’17)
Tobi Olowokure receiving his award
Tobi Olowokure receiving his award
Jones Ayuwo, Yemi Adebo and Deola Jaiyesimi
Jones Ayuwo, Yemi Adebo and Deola Jaiyesimi

DSC_0690-001 – Cultural Pride Night

IMG 20150616 153300
Hosanna William-Adusa. Also known as Verlos. 300 level. Light skinned. Early in three hundred level, he discovered he possessed a terrible disability: Verlos just sucked at minding his own business. Here, he gets to do that legit. So brace yourselves and look over your shoulders, put on your A game because Verlos is in lawve with your lives…

IMG 20150323 WA0000Egbinola Olamide is a 400 level student of faculty of law. She has gone through different photography Schools and trainers such as the Nikon training school, Leke Adenuga. She loves the idea of capturing memories one can never get again, freezing moments and drawing with light since she “can’t draw with a pen perfectly” …”

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  1. Wonderful write a little mistake..the table reserved for senior members was for the elderly people in d class..not the people that sat on it loool..without prejudice to those that sat on it though..they are cool guys..lool..


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