#LSSElectionSeries: Vice Presidential Candidate – Chidinma Lotechukwu

The lss blog interviews the candidates aspiring for some of the most prominent positions in the Law Students Society Executive. This is to enable students of the faculty acquaint themselves with who they are, what drives them, and what a few of the things we can expect from them are.

Present yourself.
My name is Chidinma Lotechukwu, I am the current assistant class rep of the Law Class of ’17 and the General Secretary of the Justice Kayode Eso Student Chambers. I am also the head usher of the faculty. A position which was actually created beginning with me.

You’re running for the position of Vice President.

Having looked at what has been going on in the faculty, at least for the three years I have spent here, I noticed that there has been a decline of sorts in the quality of administration of the Law Students Society. I think also, that this drop in administrative effectiveness is as a result of a lacking team relationship between the executives, which has inspired my hash tag, synergy. I will be working as a team with everybody on the LSS Executive and will restore whatever degree of harmony will be required for LSS to move forward.

What is to say that your election into office will be the reason why the LSS will work as a team?
Because of my experience. I have been active in my class right from my diploma days, distributing hand outs and then in second year, I was elected the assistant class rep of my class and I have served faithfully up to this point without having any issues whatsoever with anybody. And I tell you, though it would seem as though all these responsibilities did not require much effort let alone team work, the truth is they actually did. I received help from a lot of people who volunteered to do so.

Your CV. In what capacity have you previously served and what can you confidently say you have achieved in those areas?
I was the assistant general secretary of the Justice Kayode Eso Student Chambers whilst being the assistant class rep of my class. And I am the present general secretary of the same chambers and, I am the head usher of the faculty. I have had over fifty ushers under me who were in hundred level, I was the head usher and I was able to carry them along, make them work as a team and it was so much so that up till a certain point, they could not tell that I was a three hundred level student, it was as if I became one with them. So I am confident in my ability to foster a team relationship and make everyone enjoy working with me.

What should we expect when you become VP, if you become VP?
Chidinma is very approachable, Chidinma is friendly, Chidinma is calm, Chidinma is down to earth, and these are not the words of my own mouth, this is the testimony of all who have come into contact with me and I have reason to believe that it is indeed, the truth. Chidinma will not just be your Vice President, Chidinma will also be your friend, Chidinma will be someone that everybody will look up to, Chidinma will not foster favouritism, Chidinma will not do something for just a particular group of people, Chidinma will have the entire faculty at heart.

What should we expect Chidinma to do, as far as moving the faculty forward goes?
Expect a difference in the system of tutorials, a difference in the system of the programs of the faculty, a touch of excellence will be in each program, everything I will be behind in a way or the other, will experience success, fully.

Can you be slightly specific as to what ideas you have to bump up any of the areas you have mentioned that you want to work on?
Tutorials are not very effective because we do not have standard faculty tutorial material. I intend to bring this into being and I will also involve lecturers in the tutorial system. I believe that this is a realistic and realizable objective because of my previous involvement in the faculty namely my being the assistant class rep of my class, my service during faculty events; all these have made me develop a relation of sorts, with the lecturers and so because it is Chidinma, I believe they will oblige. They may not necessarily be available the whole week, but at least once or twice a week, we can be assured of their presence.

What inspires you?
I have to inspire. I have to leave a beautiful and indelible mark on any person who has the fortune of coming into contact with me. That is what drives me, that is what keeps me going.

Tell us about your #hashtag.
It is implicit of my intentions to foster a good team relationship between the members of the executive, and then between the executives and the students and finally between the entire student body and the lecturers. That is the point of #synergy

How do you intend to deal with people who will attempt to frustrate your plans of unifying the entire faculty?

 Everyone may not buy into your ideas, considering as you already have opposition even now, how will you handle non compliance?
Negotiation. Even in our Judiciary, the courts are a last resort, there is Alternative Dispute Resolution. I am going to try to convince them, make them see reason as to why this program will work or that program will fly. And if this does not work, if my dialogue fails, we have a staff adviser we can take the matter to. If that too cannot resolve our differences, then we ask the students because this is a democracy, we get the opinion of everybody and the most popular one stands. However, if an idea of mine is not lauded by the other members of the Executive, rather than insist on having my will done, in the interest of team relationship, I may have to mellow my own ambition. Only when it is extremely important will I take the matter up to the latter.

What is your opinion of your opposition? And do you see them as threats?
I think they are effective in their own capacity. And no I do not see any of them as a threat. I am just Chidinma running for a position with my own ideas and craving the support of everybody. And so Moyin is effective in her own way, Bukola as well, but I am better and I am confident that I am going to win.

Any political affiliations to any of the presidential candidates?
No. I am very neutral and whatever the outcome of the election, I am willing and ready to work.

Who are we voting for? A Christian, a Muslim, a free thinker?
A Christian.

Where are we turning up if you win?
That’s a big question, let’s wait till I win.

What are you promising me to make me vote for you?
If I become VP, after looking at you, I think you’ll make a good interviewer.

Finally, one sentence on each of the presidential candidates.
Wale is focus driven.
Dara is effective.
Jones is capable and creative.
Bolaji is strong willed.

Thank you for your time, Chidinma.
Thank you too.

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