#LSSElectionSeries: Vice Presidential Candidate – Moyin Zaid

The lss blog interviews the candidates aspiring for some of the most prominent positions in the Law Students Society Executive. This is to enable students of the faculty acquaint themselves with who they are, what drives them, and what a few of the things we can expect from them are.


Present Yourself.
My name is Moyinoluwa Iyobi Omoleye Zaid. Currently in 300 level and the General Secretary to the Justice Oputa Student Chambers. I am a member of the book club committee, the Oil and Gas Bar and The Tax Club.

You are running for the position of the Vice President.
Yes I am.

I am running for the position because, like I mentioned earlier, I am the General Secretary of my chambers, and I have enjoyed and loved working with and serving people so much that I wish now to take it to a grander stage, namely the lss, so that my service; time and energy would be to and for the benefit of the entire law student body.

You could simply focus your said time and energy on your academics. Bag a possible first class and ensure that your future is secure, why are you bent on dividing these resources of yours amongst over a thousand students?
Because I read the words of Ray Cord (founder of McDonald’s). He said leadership was about the standards that a person sets for themselves. I have set very high standards for myself and am willing to take on as many tasks, challenges and endeavours as possible. By the Grace of God, I will excel at every one of them.

Your CV. In what capacity have you previously served and what can you confidently say that you have achieved in those areas.
In my second year, I worked with most of the committees in JOC. I served on the annual lecture team, I helped with the mooting competition, I was on the ‘law to the layman’ committe, I was part of the people who put the public speaking competition, ‘kiss kiss bang bang’ together. I took it further when I became General Secretary; birthing the likes of YARN and DODGED and seeing them through to completion…and success.IMG-20150925-WA0006

What should we expect when you become VP, if you become VP?
I do not relent. I am tireless. You can expect that I will make sure that every brilliant idea which I will be tasked with bringing to reality, will be brought to reality. One of such ideas is the Idea Fair (no pun intended).
It will be aimed at broadening the scope of the already existing Career Fair, which is somehow, a little limited, in that it is restricted to careers within the legal profession. What about something else? If not law…
I will give more away during my manifesto.

As Vice President, you will be required to be somewhat outgoing, you will be required to speak, task which does not readily align with your perceived gentle and quiet personality. How will you merge the requirements of the office with the limits of your personality?
Decidedly, I am a calm and reserved person. However, in that calmness, I am also calculating. In a room full of people, I am the quiet observer. I am the level head. So that when I begin my task of bridging the divide, of easing the tension, of being the nexus which reconnects all the erring elements, my effectiveness will be perfect. But make no mistake, if the situation requires Moyin to be outgoing, to be a voice, to stand out, I will. I have done it before and do not take my word for it, ask people who have worked with me.

What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from within me, it comes from my parents, it comes from my friends and it comes from little conversations with people.
On a lighter note, we would like to know what particular conversation inspired you to aspire for VP.
Well it was firstly a conversation with myself and yes, I hold conversations with myself, then with my parents and then my friends. And I believe good will come out of those conversations

Tell us about your #hashtag
#Nexus is inspired by the need for there to be a connection, a link, in every sequence for it to run effectively. It means a link, simply. Now in line with my constitutional duties as Vice President, I will support the president and I will a be a bridge between the executive and the student body.
What is your opinion of your opposition? And do you see them as threats?
Well, we are acquainted with each other, Chidinma is the assistant class rep of my class and although I cannot personally say I have felt her impact and effectiveness as regards the position, I think she might have been able to achieve a decent level of success because of the many people who are active in class, Chichi who takes care of handouts, Fikayo who makes announcements, and so on. However, she still poses a threat and I hope that I am able to distinctly distinguish myself from my opposition, win the election, get into office, and deliver more excellently than anyone else would have been able to. Bukola I have not heard of before now, as far as precedent in the faculty goes. I also do not know very much about her and therefore cannot say much about her either, she is still competition though and therefore a threat.

How is your campaign going?
I have a formidable team! And I am very very very very grateful to them for their relentless efforts to support my cause. Also, the calibre of people who are supporting me goes to show my effectiveness. The likes of Tobi Olowokure, Fikayo Oyewunmi, this proves that beyond being friends, they believe in my ability and that is endorsement enough for me.

Who are we voting for? A Christian, a Muslim, a free thinker?
I am a dedicated Christian, and no, Zaid is not a Muslim name contrary to the way it sounds. I am from Kogi state and the name means ‘a wonderful man’.

Where are we turning up if you win?
To be disclosed. Well even if I do not win, I will still go out and you are invited.

What position are you promising me if you win?
Hollup hollup hollup, we don’t do that here, but vote for me.

Finally, one sentence on each of the presidential candidates.
Hmm, they’re all my friends and they all have good ideas…
Dara is hinged on making a mark and leaving a legacy.
Bolaji is bold and wants to open an arena of new possibilities to Law students.
Jones is calm, steadily brewing an elixir for the benefit of the Law student body.
Wale is experienced, determined and dedicated to bringing a resurgence to the law students society.
They’re all good.

Thank you for your time, Moyin.
Thank you as well.


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