Executives’ Lounge – Adeniyi Balogun: Coordinator, The Maritime Forum

Adeboyin Adebisi interviews the Coordinator of The Maritime Forum, Adeniyi Balogun….

The Maritime Forum is a new association in the University of Lagos which aims to sensitize students about the opportunities in the Maritime Industry. The Maritime Industry comprises Shipping, Deep Water Oil and Gas, Carriage of Goods by Sea and a lot more.

Please tell us how The Maritime Forum came into being.

A group of seven students came together to establish it, because we beleive that the maritime industry is a big one, which generates a lot of revenue for Nigeria as a nation and students are not well informed about it. Which is why we set out to inform students and create awareness about the industry.

Now everyone knows that in recent times, members of the Law class of ’15 have been bombarded with lots of test, project works, classes and of course their exams. Please tell us how you were and to balance things.

It has not been easy balancing, but I have found a way to balance things by planning my time, doing things one at a time and trying to achieve whatever I set out to do.

Niyi is a one time senator, a secretary of the constitutional amendment committee and the head of the legislative week committee.

Where do you see The Maritime Forum in a few years?

I see the maritime forum becoming an association that will be a force to reckon with all over the world and someday compete side by side with the International Chambers of Commerce.

What’s your advice to anyone who aspires to become an Executive?

They should be ready for service, think of service and not just what they can get from it.

What are your hobbies?
Reading and playing golf.

Niyi is single and has no crush in the Faculty because, ‘there are so many fine girls in the Faculty’

What do you think of this segment on the blog?
This segment of the blog is good as it showcases the forward thinking leaders in the Faculty and serves as a way to encourage those who aspire to become executives.

Any last Words?
People should take innovative steps and stop being scared when they have an idea.

Interview by Adebisi Adeboyin

Published by Teni Akeju

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