Executives’ Lounge – Maureen Ukoh (President, A.D.R)

Adeboyin Adebisi got to interview Maureen a few days to her final exams as an undergraduate law student in the prestigious university of Lagos. Maureen Roy Ukoh is the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) president and she is a member of the Law class of ’15. This pioneer member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Society rose through the ranks to become the Secretary General and then the President…

Hey Maureen, how has your day being? Uh
It’s been a bit hectic, trying to read for exams.

How did you become the ADR Society President?
The previous president Teni Olowu called me and and asked if I intended taking after her and my response was “Ah! (laughs) do you think i will be able to do better than you have done?” So from the onset that has been my fear because I saw her bring the association from paper form to what it is now and that is a lot of responsibility and I was supposed to continue after her and that was an enormous responsibility. My fear was that I won’t be able to make her proud.

Maureen as A.D.R Society President was instrumental to the planning and organisation of the Maritime Workshop. A program held in conjunction with The Maritime Forum.



Please tell us about your year as the ADR Society President?
It is not as bad as I thought definitely there’s being challenges but then there have been highlights as well, like when I achieve what I set out to do this brings me joy, when I see my members grow and when I see my excos grow in the capacity they are expected to function . With leadership comes responsibility.

Maureen’s Role Models include Dr. Jumoke Oduwole, Mrs Doyin Rhodes-Vivour and her Mom.

You mentioned challenges. What were your challenges as the A.D.R Society President?
Communication. I’m not much of a people person and I can go for months without calling but that does not mean that I don’t care. Also, I had to communicate with our grand patron Dr. Omogbaye Omoegbo and give him updates.

If Maureen hadn’t been drawn into Law by her Dad, she’d have studied any of International Law and Diplomacy, Architecture or Dentistry.

Your tenure has come to a glorious end, What is your advice to intending excos of the A.D.R Society?
I advice you to go for it because it will help you acquire skills and contacts for the future.

The interview got more personal as we delved into the private life of this tenacious President.


Maureen’s hobbies include having fun (clean fun) travelling, listening to music and talking about ADR. She also confessed that the things she hates the most are fire, knives and electricity!



Please let us know something no one knows about you
Ah! I think that’s a big one. Well most people perceive me to be a very uptight person and some people think I’m a snob. Well I know I can be very uptight but at the same time I can be naughty, fun loving and jovial.

Maureen revealed to us that she’s in a relationship.


What six words would you use to describe yourself?

simple, conservative, hardworking, loving, patient and unpredictable.

Alternative Dispute Resolution involves a lot of relations with people. What can’t you stand in a person?

I hate with a passion body odor in fact I hate all the odors mouth, body,(laughs). I’m serious, I have been a victim. I love to smell nice and I have a fetish for fragrances and perfumes.

Best Friends in the Faculty.
Uwa, Maranatha, Funmi, Semilore and Vaughan.

Interview by Adebisi Adeboyin.

Published by Teni Akeju

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