Notice: From the Faculty of Law Electoral Committee

The heightened political consciousness in the faculty for the elections is good but no one should in any way usurp or encroach on the duties and responsibilities of the electoral body.
I appeal to whomsoever it may concern to desist from passing erroneous information that are either not stated by FLEC or inconsistent with whatever had been earlier stated by the same Electoral committee.
The time for the Presidential debate has been set and put up on the Faculty board for over a week now and that time is 3:30pm and not 2pm. Also FLEC has not at anytime issued any statement suggesting in any way that the time of the debate has or will be changed at all.

3:30pm is and remains the time, been up on the Faculty board, signed by the Staff Adviser and the Electoral Chairman and same Time already given to the Dean of students’ Affairs Office as time for the Presidential debate since 16/9/2015.

I appeal that this should not repeat itself again as FLEC is doing all neccessary to ensure every law student’s expectations in and for this elections are fully met.

Thank You
Electoral Chairman

Published by Teni Akeju

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