The Tax Club endorses Jones Ayuwo

The Tax Club, University of Lagos has endorsed LSS Presidential Candidate, Jones Ayuwo for the upcoming LSS Elections.

The endorsement was released today on The Tax Club’s Instagram page.


Jones, the current P.R.O of the L.S.S, was the former P.R.O of the Tax Club.

Bidemi Paramole (H.O.C Justice Oputa Chambers) has also endorsed Moyin Zaid’s candidacy for LSS Vice President. Moyin Zaid is the current Secretary General of Justice Oputa Students’ Chambers.



  1. I don’t get the reference tho….its so unnecessary.

    Teni, are we picking sides? A Lot of endorsements have been flying around and yet you choose to report this alone. Please let the blog remain neutral.


  2. I think we are hypocrites here.. the post here is a merely a report…Report of activities concerning the election. we are all aware of how the HOC of Oputa have been fervently restless in shoving his candidate round our throats. Moreso.. the said endorsement is not posted here. I tire sha


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