State of the Faculty

Hollup….. Hollup. I’m back!😘 Hope you’re all good. Please in case you’re angry that I haven’t been regular in my weekly write up, I sincerely apologise. Circumstances beyond my control caused my absence. Therefore I’ve decided to skip the tagging of the column as episode …. season… to simply have the most prominent event(s) of the week as seen above.
Over the weeks which I’ve been incognito, several events have taken place. I can’t remember them all but I’ll try my best to serve you a satisfying delicacy.
*GFSC had its Annual lecture
Maritime forum held its Maritime Workshop and they raised a lot of funds
JOC held Word war III and won best chamber of the year
A.B. Kasunmu Annual lecture also took place
Class of ’15 cultural pride night was dope, the costume/barbacue party was too on fleek. Is there still a dinner though?

Elections: The heat us on. From posters to banners to announcements to text messages, dp’s, bc’s, Instagram pages, Word press, endorsement letters, controversies and even phone calls. The elections draw nearer……… In every contest there must be winners and losers alike. I hope we all take the results in good faith. (Can’t say much, I’m one if em). Check out the blog for the LSS election series and vote in the online poll too. But more importantly, be at the manifesto and election proper.
Law dinner: Everything that has a beginning surely has an end. Kudos to the committee for the work they put in. I liked the buffet part the most…… Those awards tho! Congrats to Uju who won face of Law. Pity we had no Mr. Law. EveryoneπŸ˜‰ was beautiful. For those that are broke after getting custom made suits and designer gowns,…..eeya. No pain, no gain. Who noticed all the campaigning that was going in right inside the hall? Na wa for these elections ooo. Anyways you can check out law dinner pictures on Instagram using #lawdinner2015
**** Fashion police or not????πŸ˜‚****
Exam are rumoured to have been moved by a week. Haven’t confirmed yet.

Presidential debate -28 Sept 3:30pm
Manifesto – 29 Sept
Elections – 30th Sept 8am- 2pm

State of the Faculty is written by Yetunde Haliart; funny, creative and friendly Pro extraordinary and with a flair for the arts, a love for cake & ice cream and a knack for sarcasm. The smart innocent looking leading lady who describes her of as ‘her royal highness haliart’ can be reached @yetunde_haliart

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