Students’ Voices – The 2015 Presidential Debate (L.S.S)

It was not a debate for the best of orators neither was the stage set for the ‘public speakers’. It actually was a one designed and defined to spot and sport over who will and what will be our eventual fate as law students via the dictates of the elections dictation .
However, the four horsemen had the floor to sweep the board or to by themselves recede their chances.
We have stances and stands held by different and present observers. I mean keen observers and of course, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the VOX POPULI.

Please Enjoy.

*It was really good. . And the turn out was amazing..The candidates all tried, Bolaji Benson wasn’t too eloquent but I think he passed his message across; Dara was good too .. and he stated his plans; Wale was quite confident, with his epic gestures and facial expressions, he did really well too. . Like really well and murdered all his questions; Jones did what he does best, burst our brains with his flows and oratory skills…So I think in all, they all really did well… What’s left is to see how it goes down today at the manifesto and wait till tomorrow to see who emerges winner… Cause it’s really not about the cheers and claps Mehn.. faculty of law will sly you like crazy .. no one can ever really predict.- Amaka Ngana, 400 Level.

The 2015 Presidential Debate, in my humble view, was a huge success. The candidates didn’t fail to deliver as we expected… and the composure of the audience is highly commendable compared to previous debates. However, I must not fail to voice out my anger and displeasure at the unprofessionalism and unhidden bias of one of our judges towards Mr. Wale Langa. I’m, like several others, very disappointed that the same set of people who clamour for justice and fairness in the judiciary have failed to practice what they preach! We can’t go on like this in this country!!! In all, it was a beautiful day @ the debate. Thank you! – Yinka Ekungomi (400 Level)

*”It was very experiential in that it gave a lot of undecided minds the ample opportunity (perhaps for the first time in a while) to meet the presidential aspirants, inferring from their submissions who would make the best president in their own judgements.”
Fatai WALEEY Opeyemi

*”The debate is a good innovation but for its jurisdiction to be enlarged and upheld in/with high esteem, orderliness must be observed in its entirety. We had no protocol officers to ensure proper conduct as we have supporters wowing their man and booing their opponents.
The debate finds its objective in the creation and delivery of ideas. But what happens when the ideas are there but they can’t find expression? Today is another day to improve on the defaults of yesterday (especially for the ones that spent their entire time talking about their purported achievements).

*”To be honest, I virtually don’t know the contestants personally except Jones Ayuwo. I believe or I want to believe they all did well. I can however vouch for Jones’ ability and capabilities. Let’s vote well.”
Fisayo O .C

*”Jones was Amazing..The words that emanated from his mouth were full of honest truth..He spoke with the calmness of a sea but his words had the fierceness and strength of a wave..I’m not saying this because I know him but because he portrayed the features of a leader”
-Favour Whyte

The presidential debate was very nice and interesting, Dara was a little bit uninspiring but he was good, Wale had the best facial expressions and he was a good speaker; Jones had the best punchlines and his speech was quite captivating and Bolaji was playing to our sentiments – Ose Odenore

*”It was good. It gave a perspective on the type of leaders each of them would be. I’m sure most people made up their minds yesterday”
Olamide (SAMBA)

*”Jones all d way…..I so love that dude”

This is in no way to ridicule or praise any aspirant. It is the voice of the people and of course, the people’s opinion which can never and should never be joked with.

By Ajayi Samuel (Samazing)

Published by Teni Akeju

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