The Spirit of Sportsmanship, A Must Read For All Aspirants


 The atmosphere is tense, hopes are high, and certain candidates have the conviction that they will emerge winner

The faculty of law students’ society election is about 36 hours away and a lot of things are going down and is still going down. The candidates are seriously seeking for votes from different people by assiduously and meticulously campaigning and painting a perfect picture of a heavenly (Law Students’ Society) LSS.


campaigns are greased with beautiful hashtags and fantastic meanings ranging from #Elixir to #Resurgence to #NewPossiblites and even a lasting #Legacy

Campaign managers, party members are seriously going from different classes to the other to campaign and solicit for votes for their candidates. Such campaigns are greased with beautiful hashtags and fantastic meanings ranging from #Elixir to #Resurgence to #NewPossiblites and even a lasting #Legacy like the aspirant calls it. Not only that, a lot of aspirants borrowing different marvelous quotes from wise men and good leaders that have existed in the times past; some have even written theirs. Well, I love some of them. Even the people who are contesting for positions like the Vice-president have their own hashtags. They include #Nexus, #Synergy and #Boldleadership. While the competition is on, there are also some candidates that would be contesting unopposed, maybe because the-would- have-been opponents are scared and timorous they would be beaten by the person they would contest against or maybe they feel the person vying for the position in their class is actually the best and would perform better.

The atmosphere is tense, hopes are high, and certain candidates have the conviction that they will emerge winner. I must not fail to mention the oratory skills of certain aspirants. I swear; they are killing!! Some can even talk you out of your problems. By Wednesday evening, we would all know the truth, persons the people have decided to elect.
Yes, it is the election, yes, the atmosphere is tensed, yes, people hopes are high. But, should the election be a factor that will cause division among students of the same class?? Should the election be source of enmity among people that has been friends for years??? Should the election be an avenue for planting unreasonable propaganda against your friends or mates just because you want to emerge winner?!
My take on this is that, it shouldn’t be like that. We keep shouting that we want a better Nigeria but we seem to have forgotten that a better Nigeria can’t happen if we don’t drop some attitudes that are in contradiction to the better Nigeria we speak of on a daily basis. If at this level, we do elections the way our so called political leaders do it, what will become of us if we begin to aspire for a greater position in the future?
We seem to have forgotten that life is give and take. If we start creating enmity now, aren’t we thinking about the future??? Aren’t we thinking that we may need one another’s help in the future? I am writing this because this is how I think; I think about tomorrow, I think about the future. I understand fully well that we all want to be winners; we have all invested our time, money and resources so we may win but the simple truth remains, that in an election, one person has to win. That is just the way the system is, but I believe losing an election is not the end of the world; in fact, it doesn’t stop you from bringing about that change, if truly you had the passion for what you are proposing and not just to win an election or add positions held to your curriculum vitae.
I thought about a simple theory that I think might be a solution, because honestly, everyone can’t win the election. I understand fully well that man has a heart and also a brain and both dictate how we tend to act and react. If we lose an election, the heart which is in charge of the emotions takes charge and wants to tell us to hate, disapprove, detest, abhor whoever wins, but the thing is that we can subject both the heart and the brain under control. It is now left to us to ensure that our brain subdues our negative thoughts of the heart and tells us to do the right thing and accept what has come our way. This will seem difficult but the right thing has to be done eventually. The spirit of sportsmanship has to be seen in us and also exhibited in our actions. Life is just so simple and short. Do the right thing will you still can.
Also, I am seriously getting tired of unrealistic promises made by people vying for positions just because of the desperation to win. This practice has always been trending right from the inception of democracy in this country and it has gradually come to stay. It has gone worse to the extent that even at the tertiary institution level, it has come to stay. This practice is not just ok. What on earth is wrong with you telling us that your agenda is one or two and doing those two things wholeheartedly? I as a person do not buy the idea of painting unrealistic pictures which then make you look incompetent just because you can’t achieve the one thousand and one things you have preached. Simply, let people vote you on your achievable ideas instead of becoming just like the same set of people at the helm of power.
In conclusion, like I said in one of my picture quotes, before any quintessential change can occur in our lives, the fabric of our thought process has to be renewed with the right principles. This same quote can be said of Nigeria at large, before any substantive change can occur in Nigeria, our thought process has to change, it has to be renewed with the right principles. And also, for us to record any cogent change in this country, and the LSS, it will take all our collective responsibilities, different parts as to work as a whole.

Akindele Olabode T.

Faculty of law
100 level

Published by Teni Akeju

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