Two Dericas of Hope

By Bello Oreoluwa

There’s no competition in destiny do your own while I do my own “is an adage I heard growing up as a young kid in the oshodi suburbs. The Nigerian society most especially the yoruba people to which I belong, place some embargos on what a person should not do than what he should do on the subject of socio coexistence. Remind me if I’d left something out of this saying too “ayanmo ogbogun ori lelejo “-destiny is undisputable with, the personal god is the judge literally meaning what will be will be.

I write on behalf of the known, the cumulative situation I surround myself with or rather I found myself in.


Firstly,to Nigeria, my country, to whom I have pledged to be faithful loyal and honest (chuckling ). I’ve always lied until now to serve her with all my strength and to defend her unity (while I malign my igbo and Hausa brothers )and uphold her honour and glory despite always lamenting to my friends how disgusting she is.

 So many failures and obscenities have in the past befallen this country. One thing comes to fore in the discussion of these issues and that is the game politics that has drenched the cloth of Nigeria. To that I heave a sigh. Muhammed Buhari of the military bene draco periods ushers in a period of “concentration “.Concentration on the project Nigeria, though with many tree stumps which we will plant on his way -the message against which  l call hope. Hope like mustard seed, one they say can move mountains. These mountains. Of misery the josephs of this country have soaked their hands in as the senate of Rome did to Cesar.

Gliding, in strokes from the canal of effusion about my country I touch on my immediate society one in which I participate as an agent of change,my dear  UNILAG Law Student Society,The just concluded elections can’t just not be talked of. It raised again lessons about life and the intricacies of the people in it, of what can be the end of the road of many roads. The ultimate door to open opportunities that we never had seen knocking. We had four way paths: the elixir, the new possibilities, the legacy and the resurgence, we had grilled, howled argued and cajoled for the pathfinder among them. I personally had had hot engagements if not abusive ones with some colleagues and in that regards I repeat the hitherto popular phrase “I must apologise”.The end of everything is this hope. All we’ve achieved at the end is hope or we curse ourselves with enmity that’ll breed us headaches.

 We had traded, the profit we made from our tradings is a resurgence that we hope will  encompass an elixir, one to spur up those long forgotten unhoped-for-able new possibilities to create this lasting legacy. A legacy to behold, I must remark. Even “sef wetin man go do? “than to hope .To hope for the best is not germane, it’s the best for a doubting mind I quote Don Quixote “After begging God for life, beg for hope, dont beg for anything else “.

When over 900 of law students have given our mandate to better our unseen present -future. What next is this hope. The hope for exuberance, perseverance, to follow, intelligence to create, analytical mind to understand, unpathological anxiety to expect and finally this readiness to deserve.

The hope we need is not, abstract and has a measure. We need hope, just “two dericas of hope “.My eponymous element has a deep root in the alluvial of my mind, it is one derica for those whom we have given our mandates to us. Just two dericas of hope; others can wait. Hope is like a rope that makes man to cope when he is or might be in a slope. My friends let us all have hope for this new herald and fold our hands for the best to unfold. At this juncture I say sebabo.

Sight 2015 08 22 183559 704</a Ore Bello is a columnist, essayist and Social Critic. Born and Bred in an environment with a high level of “Street Sense”, he can make a Mecca out of an Agege. He delivers issues from the trivial to the serious

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