By Isola Bunmi

Help me define Success.

Why would wealth and excellence only be the peak of man’s achievement? Why wouldn’t a man with only a house and shelter be called successful since he can everyday bring food to his table? You’re rich because you pay your bills from money stored up somewhere. I’m also rich because, even if I have no money stored up somewhere, I still do the same thing you do. I pay my bills(probably later than you, lol!)
Chill! It’s not about the money.
A bus conductor, who brings food to his table, pays his transport fare and, well, seeking for no education, buys stuff for himself, is successful.

Just because I have no education, car, a house built by me, and a bed like yours, doesn’t mean I’m unsuccessful.
You’re wealthy and you live, “HighFive!”… I struggle and I survive, “I deserve a prize!”
My success could be making at least a person a day, happy, it could be helping people dispose of their trash, or helping another clean up his mess.

The struggle we face these days is fighting to be farther than where another has been. Why is it a competition?
See, If you all wear your clothes to the front, I’ll wear mine inside-out. Not because I’m insane but I just don’t want to be identified with the ‘same’.
You’re all so alike, you walk alike, dress alike, think alike, talk alike, eat alike. You’re all like a programmed application on a smart phone, that only looks out to be updated instead of satisfying it’s main purpose of installation.
Hold on, I don’t want to be like you. I can choose to be deaf, dirty, or have no friends, just to be different. I will emulate no one’s success, just let me do what makes me happy, with none of your judgments.
I study, not to come out with a first class or to get paid later in the future, but to feed a whole class and serve them till they mature.
Your success shouldn’t be determined by what everyone thinks. For, if you can help those who cannot afford the struggle, then, you have succeeded and you deserve an award.

Published by Teni Akeju


  1. real life achievement is about making the world a better place but not what one personally benefits therefrom. Hope this will enjoy wider readership as it stands to serve as means of re-orientating typical Nigerians. I love this write-up.


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