Frustrated By Aladesukan Ifeoluwa

By Aladesukan Ifeoluwa

Something is vibrating on my bed or is it buzzing? I don’t know but whatever is it, I have to get rid of it. I pushed whatever it is from my bed and GBAM it falls, then it occurs to me that it is my phone. I jumped down from my bed to take it, praying a silent prayer that the screen shouldn’t break. I finally pick it up OMG! it is broken. I put on the phone and try to press the screen. Oh no! It’s not working.
I just lay down on my bed wanting to cry, my iPhone6+ is gone and am not in good terms with Alhaji Shehu, who I have no doubt that he will buy me a new one if I ask.
I go to the bathroom to take a shower and prepare for my class. As I was coming out, I slipped and fell “can today get any better ” I screamed out. People were just saying sorry that could not help me, I took my bath again and was careful as I was coming out.
On getting to my room, I saw Edna, my roommate, with my phone, out of anger I dragged it from her ” Edna, learn to mind your business “.
” Am sorry, Tobi said you fell in the bathroom, eehyah and you also broke your phone. Pele”
I just ignored , knowing she is trying to get a rise out of me, but I won’t let her succeed. I put on a white dress and spent like thirty minutes drawing my brows and cleaning it. I got frustrated washed my face and went without makeup. Is not like it is my first time going without makeup.
“Poor girl, couldn’t get her eyebrow ”
“Edna, just shut up and stop acting like a fool ” Gloria, my roommate, chips in.
I just picked up my bag and walked out, I was boiling inside and I know that if I start with Edna today, we will end up fighting with ourselves.
I take a cab going to campus, as I came down I was walking gently
because the ground is muddy. A girl that was rushing to only God knows where hit me and I fell down, she was mumbling something like “am sorry ” ” sorry, are you stupid, if sorry was generally accepted then we why do we have police or why are people always arrested ” I was so angry that I did not know when I slapped her, people starts to gather, I did not wait for the girl’s response I just walked out of the place, some people were shaking head and some were saying sorry. I just take a cab to my hostel, As I was walking down to my hostel, Madam Tinubu Hall, people were giving me this funny look, I just give them the “f**k you look”.
” Did you fall down Jummy” Gloria asks me.
” Isn’t it obvious that I fell”
” You know that if you fall twice a day, it means bad luck” Edna chips in.
” Edna, you know what, you are a pathetic fool” .
I lay down on my bed praying that tomorrow will be better.

Published by Teni Akeju

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