She provokes my thoughts
And fires my imagination,
But that is her only crime
Inciting my lustful fascinations

She stands on her own
Aloof and alone,
A queen in her own right
Stunning and pleasing to my sight

She’s trouble, I know
But don’t we all reap what we sow?
I possessed her once
And then I let her go

She ignores the whispers and rumours
But I know it must hurt,
Like a patient with a cancerous tumour
She’s been through a lot

She’s a Hoe to them all
Because she refuses to take the fall,
To succumb, to agree
To let them use her, for money or for free

She embraces the lies
Then goes home and cries,
Her talent is keeping a straight face
A mermaid, well equipped with grace

She’s a Hoe to them all
And I am solely to blame,
She gave me her all,
And I put her to shame

And now she stands
An outcast in the highlands,
She’s not a hoe, this I know
And it kills me to see her treated so

lssblog(2)Great Opara is…well, he’s Great, he likes to see himself as a peculiar, “tribeless” Nigerian. His hobbies include but are not limited to writing, eating, staring at his image in the mirror and talking to pretty females. Blessed with the gift of satire, this antisocial, introverted, unsung hero plans to use fiction to change the world. You can follow him on Twitter: @monsieur_ace

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