Zainab by Aladesukan Ifeoluwa

By Aladesukan Ifeoluwa

My brother Chigozie once fell in love with a Fulani girl. She is so pretty that she turns head with her tall and slender figure and hips that looks like that of a goddess, to complement it she has a high cheek bone, she also has small and full lips, a pointed nose and a radiant face that sparkles like the bright morning sun. She has all the right curves that every woman desires and a flawless skin.
Zainab was every man’s dream but she had eyes for only my brother. They were so in love that you could see it through their eyes.
My mother would tell my brother ” bia ebaa biko! you can’t marry that girl, she is a witch, no ordinary girl will look like that, she has been sent from the marine kingdom. Tufiakwa!, over my dead body will you marry that witch “.
“Mama she is not a witch, and if you wish to die, so be it”.
My brother went ahead to marry her and as culture demands he has to be flogged. My brother died as they were flogging him.
Zainab cried and cried that her eyes almost popped out. She blamed her parents for the death of her fiancee but now she is married with two kids.
And I am also in love with a Fulani girl ( I AM IN TROUBLE ).

Published by Teni Akeju

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