Beyond the Skies by THE PROTOTYPE

My heart in its solemn state,
Memories of dark days
Longed for a light,
The joy to my soul.

I looked at the horizon
Far off at a distance,
Not to decipher it’s length of structure
Nor question the depth of my knowledge.
Rather my eyes were set on that which I
hoped to see.

Out of the sea saw I nothing,
Neither from any cardinal point of the plains.
But the light I Longed for,
Was the beauty of the heavenly bodies.

My head moved, yet I stood still,
Amazed at this beauty.
The beauty which I saw,
Was really out in the skies.

I know the light
To my dark world is,
The beauty you are.
The one to brighten my atmosphere.

And when you are gone
I might wander so long to find you,
Whereas you’re the star
I will always see,
Beyond the skieS


THE PROTOTYPE (100 level)

Published by Teni Akeju

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