MOTION by Abu Samuel Oluwaseyi

Time moves at its pace,
To an endless past.
Yet our memories increase, not to-
An endless future,
But to our limited remembrance.

Memories are lovely,
Especially the joy of days gone by
Yh, those days we were cool together.
Those days we had fun, great times and
Wonderful moments.

Memories could also hurt,
As what you envisaged negates what you experienced.
When everything changes, people do as well.
But really… When people change, What’s left to envy?
Maybe not what they presently posses,
Yet in utmost exasperation, memory brings what you knew them to be.

Yh those days were great,
However those “great days together “, have been imprisoned in memories.
It hurts, definitely it does

In life one thing is dormant, never changes, always constant
And that’s change itself
Everything has, and will still change,
Even people and preference.
You just have to pick yourself,
And get a relevant spot…… keep moving
Then you’ll understand that spot is ” MOTION “.


By Abu Samuel oluwaseyi 100level

Published by Teni Akeju

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