By Naphtali Ukamwa

Leadership is not a function of mere profession and wild ambition: it’s in the simple
motivation to serve
.” –Naphtali Ukamwa

Whether it is Bold leadership or leadership of New Possibilities, the Logic of leadership is to balance the Nexus between leading the people and ruling the people. True Leaders do not rule; they lead. Leadership is not “ do what I say and not what I do”. True leadership is making yourself an exemplar of what you profess.

Whether it is leadership of Legacy or that of Resurgence, leadership is impossible without Elixir—a leader must cure the “sickness” for which he is elected. Leaders are problems solvers.

Whether it is “Fly” leadership or forward leadership, every leader must leave a Legacy for his people. Leadership of Legacy is leadership by example. True leadership is leading by example and not by dictates. Forward leadership is that which creates a firm Nexus between forgiving and forgetting. To move forward a leader must forgive people and forget the ills done against him.

The problem of NIGERIAN leadership is not the absence of soci-political, economic and religious institutions. The problem is that the institutions are weak, sick and moribund. The way forward is Resurgence. We have to rejuvenate and revive the dying institutions. How can this Resurgence be effective? In other words, how can you revive what is dead or dying? The simple answer is six letter word: Elixir. We need something medicinal- something in the nature of a cure. The combination of Elixir in the leadership of Resurgence will culminate in the New Possibilities of solid and healthy institutions.

Moreover, the last presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, LSS elections, among others, show that the NIGERIAN people are becoming more politically conscious day in and out. Gone are the days when anything goes. Therefore, no leader can afford not to deliver to the full expectations of those who give him the mandate of leadership. Delivery, to the fullest, is mandatory as there can be no excuse for failure.

The possibilities of leadership are endless. However, no leadership is successful without positive legacies. The unadulterated truth is that no leader is an island. Leadership is in team spirit. We are all leaders in our own ways. It is the submission here that great leadership is a function of concerted efforts of the leadership and follower-ship.

The Resurgence is finally here! We must all join in team spirit to make this administration the Legacy for all other administrations of the posterity.
Leadership is primarily about Legacy. As we navigate from Forward leadership to that of Resurgence, we must emphasize that the stakes are very high. The electorate are really expectant. We pray that this revival come to full actualization and materialization

image1Naphtali Tobore Ukamwa is an orator, life coach, human right activist, and author. He is the author of The Vision Of The Great and he is working on his two books: The Battle of Norms in Nigerian Jurisprudence, and The Way Forward is Falling Forward. He is the founder of The Goldsmith’s House, a platform for recruiting stars out of the slums. As a poet, his poem “Court for Owls” won the Dorance Prize for New Generation African Poetry 2014, Swift Prize for Poetry 2012, among others. He is an undergraduate of law, University of Lagos.

Published by Teni Akeju


  1. Have you considered ‘rejuvenation’ through education? Hacking education, which is free education, pedagogy for the people, as Paulo Freire professed in his book, with a modern slant, a hacking slant?


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