Striking the Hornet’s Nest

By Ore Bello

Not everyone will agree with you that eating mango and drinking garri is a terrible thing to do. We monotonously endeavour to engage in dangerous and smithing activities. Being mild on relative terms,we all at one point or the other in our lives show rebellious tendencies,we display our psychologist’s 10minutes madness in one way or the other still.We humans as a gene-inherited trait disobey.We are the he-goats and she-goats of the laws we make.Our forefather Adam also broke the rule of God-he ate the forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden and Augustinian Theodicy claims it is the origin of the good and the bad on earth.

“A life not examined is not worth living” my friend Socrates taught. We will sit back and chew-up some issues in the mouth like old gambaris chewing goro. Majority of us students (my friends and me all) do the things our parents advised us against at school, mentioning, the exception of a few of us. Hard-work and spiritualism were the most ranked in the analysis carried out on most popular admonitions among parents of university students.”Read your books well..,be prayerful, join fellowships, go to mosque.. “are some of the things they want us to do which we without any sense of being Sanctioned,ignore. We so much engage in dilapidating activities that we seldom remain fully focused on our business here-it is a few weeks to exam that you’ll see the unserious types of us do consequent overnights and fall sick after exam Our university personnel are also culpable to an extent, some lecturers are outright drunks,they even systematically waylay some beautiful female students in other to sleep with them and sometimes with promise of a Good grade which such student could make without engaging in any frivolity and all these persistent with impunity. The university system itself is another culprit of outright irregularities and abuse of office among staffs. We all ignore the ignoble fact that not all of the people working with the university have privilege to ‘recommend’ students to the registrar and some greedy staffers have spur up another department fast becoming popular -“runs”department they call it, where evil students who would ordinarily have merited admission by going back and trying hard next time,

would stuffs whooping sums of their parents money into.Everyone knows this even the management and we all seem to be thumbing it kudos impunity glorified, land of no law where there’ll be no sin. An academic journey taken on a boat with holes in it;where the paddle is a halflength plywood. Even if the tide washes such boat safely to the bank wouldn’t it be a herculean task to undergo another journey.Unemployable graduates our universities now churn out, you see them you admire their physical upkeep only to be dismayed at the degree of the substancelessness of their qualifications. Bad garri well sugared they are!

To our school faculties,we see open loopholes which seem deliberately created -the water that drops on your head when you’re about entering the faculty is a trivial one,the failure of students which directly are the fault of the lecturers of those students appointed by the same faculty!. It’s like a man who paid for his poison.Lecturers (average of one )in every faculty is a gutless narcissistic egotist who has devised systems to institutionalise students failure and (who knows)derive pleasure from it.They prefer to be cooed to add marks for students. The question’ll be is that all it’s about? bland rubbish in brandishment. One thing is that nobody seems really upset enough to want a change for good irrespective the course.We all seem to be okay when our brilliant but timidly foolish asses get a ‘C’ or ‘b’ in a course where majority had f, we feel important, the survivors of the class.In a few time you see them scrambling for posts in school societies.
The corruption and irregularity within faculties us high, we simply put in flaunt the genes of corruption we inherited from our leaders. Pity. .pity even pity,it will soon decline Unnecessary ventures, lack of vision, and scurly missions everywhere, everyone is getting addicted to irrationality whose painful characteristics is that after getting used to it you become indifferent to whatever shame comes out of such actions -we all become shameless by addiction.

Sexual immorality, worship of money, moral decadence (a fair average of students use the f word consistently in their colloquialism ),lack of that motive to want to move things forward -we call ourselves leaders of that bleak tomorrow.This is not anti-fun, we just want to strike the hornet’s nest and get enough sanction for it.We complain our universities do not get rated our science dont invent anything, our lawyers are morally bankrupt, our artists suffer from scurvy,our engineers are myopic, our educators are substandard our humanities are anti humane and out country of being backwards in development Nigeria is neither forward nor backwards but stagnant a major fourth world country.

And we all make complaints, last semester an abstain from casual sex campaign was held during which condoms were distributed it might actually be a paradox but it’s also oxymoronic. Oxymorons upon oxymoron that’s what life is,it is the mysteries within it that makes it worth living, bleakers upon black backgrounds but there’s still some truths that will remain untold if nobody address them ,and that’s that we humans have despondenced life’s Hallmark and we celebrate it. We see ISIS we see terrorism and the poverty and hunger that has stricken the earth and we guffaw! Is this the way life just has to go?.You reading this… I’ll assume you are wise enough look around you and tell yourself what advice will you give yourself on what you would the next generation,what kind of society will they inherit from us we the mis-socialised ones (I tell you majority of us are).This young hands typing have not carried sinister messages but when the call to strike the hornet’s nest arises I just happened to be the bull in that China shop. I submit!

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Ore Bello is a columnist, essayist and Social Critic. Born and Bred in an environment with a high level of “Street Sense”, he can make a Mecca out of an Agege. He delivers issues from the trivial to the serious


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