Beauty of the Week – Damilola Linda Obafemi

By Great Opara
The early morning class is as boring as ever. I’m lost in space and the air is incredibly thick with the collective confusion of over 400 students trying to understand “The Law” *sigh* This is a terrible way to start my day. As I begin to contemplate the difficulties of rustication and suicide, a miracle catwalks past me. The miracle turns her head slightly and smiles at me…and my day is made. Heaven has sent me a saving grace, her name is Obafemi Damilola Linda, Law Class of 18 and our Beauty of The Week 😀

The fact that I’m ‘scoping’ girls while my class is going on has probably got some of you wondering about my academic seriousness but…you need to see this girl. Abeg, she reach make I scope am.
Dami is the literal exemplification of beauty. This girl is fine. She’s pretty. She’s cute. She’s beautiful. Dami is utterly lovely. She’s the one that Shakespeare and all those other Renaissance poets spent hours writing about. And this entire adulation is just because of her face, if I start on her other physical attributes, this post would probably be rated 18 Lol.Dami%20Obafemi(2)

Dami lives in some unpronounceble place in Surulere, but she hails from Kogi state. Her mother once told her a story about how, at her naming ceremony, she lost the list of names bestowed on her by relatives, friends and other passerbys’. Going by Yoruba tradition, that’s about 107 names lost? Chai. She completed her secondary education at ‘Our Lady of Apostles’ (OLA), a school famed for fine girls.
She is the first child and only girl in a family of five. When asked about her closest friends, she gave me a long list of names, both within and outside the faculty. A very long list that I have decided to scrap for the sake of time and space. Needless to say, she has a whole lot of friends.

Dami IS currently in a relationship with…well, I don’t know that part. She refused to answer any follow up questions (lowkey sturvs people). So all of you guys that were hoping and hoping, well now you know. She also believes in the existence of true love but, when asked if she is currently experiencing true love, she once again declined to answer (maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe)
The girl has this very easy flowing, natural personality which makes her a joy to talk to. Friendly person. She admittedly spends a lot of time in the library because she has a goal of graduating with a First Class from the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos 😀 She enjoys watching movies and reading interesting things (including the articles on the Blog). She also likes to sew…err, yeah. She likes to sew. Dami is a pretty good singer and she actually sang for me, so I have first hand experience. She’s also an excellent dancer, and I may or may not have first hand experience about this too*wink*

She’s not really sport inclined, even though she used to play volleyball because she thought it was ‘sexy’. Her parents are also strictly against swimming. She hangs out with her friends often and also goes for the occasional party. She feels she is an ideal candidate for Beauty of The Week because, in her own words “I am beautiful and interesting, almost like a…gift waiting to be unwrapped” and I actually agree. She does not consider herself to be a snob, although she is a very private person and an introvert, her friendly nature notwithstanding. When she feels comfortable, Dami can literally be THE life of the party…or the ‘assistant life’ depending on the circumstances.
Dami likes food and makeup, her favourite food is amala and ewedu (I like this girl) and her fave colour is purple. She cannot speak her native language but speaks yoruba well. Y’all need to hear this girl speak pidgin mehn, it’s legendary. She has no significant role models (reminds me of a J.cole song) but that does not mean she doesn’t learn from people. If not law, she would be studying Accounting. According to her, she’s a bad ass at mathematics. Her favourite lecture is Dr. (Mrs) Osho and Administrative law is her best course. Dami loves to smile, like she was literally smiling all through the interview. She also says ‘amen’ a lot.

Her most embarrassing moment was when her mother almost slapped her in a shopping mall in Romford, London for ‘misplacing’ her younger brother (na phone?). Dami is stubborn, shy and very opinionated. She is politically aware, politically inclined but (un)fortunately, not politically outspoken. She has big plans for the LSS.
She likes “definitely tall, not overweight, above eye level, nice, intelligent guys”, the type that “can take care of her” (whatever that means). She also feels she’s very good at convincing people, and I noticed she has quite revealing eyes. Like, I knew the answer to every question I asked just by looking at her.

She has a yet unrealised dream of becoming a public speaker, and when asked about the “fineness level” of her interviewer, she gave me a very interesting and head bursting answer, which when properly interpreted meant a solid 9/10 (I’m blushing). Never mind that I had to threaten her first.
I actually, really, undoubtedly enjoyed my time with her. Dami is the kind of person you can just sit with and talk for hours, and love every second of it. I hope you guys have as much fun reading about it as we had conducting it. Meanwhile, I’m going to the mountain to goan cast and bind any spirit of ‘crushing’ that wants to consume me before exams…

Great Opara is…well, he’s Great, he likes to see himself as a peculiar, “tribeless” Nigerian. His hobbies include but are not limited to writing, eating, staring at his image in the mirror and talking to pretty females. Blessed with the gift of sarcasm, this antisocial, introverted, unsung hero plans to use fiction to change the world. You can follow him on Twitter: @monsieur_ace


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