Student of the Week – Nwachukwu Obi

Our Student of the Week is Nwachukwu Obi. Nwachukwu Obi I one of the brightest minds of the Faculty of Law. He’s currently the sitting Senate President and an active member of the Mooting Society. Please enjoy Toyosi Onikosi‘s interview with him.

Good day Mr Nwachukwu Obi Please tell us about Yourself
Ans: Well my name is Nwachukwu Tamunotonye Obi. I’m am an extremely inquisitive and reserved four hundred level law student and senate president faculty of law senate. I’m from a tight knit family of six and and an avid reader tv series and movie buff plus a little nervous to be honest right now.

Naa, don’t be nervous, we are all friends here. So tell us a little about your position as the past deputy-Senate president and your current position
Ans: Well for one it wasn’t really a dream or an ambition of mine to be dsp. But it happened and as such I had to go through the learning curve of the faculty senate much quicker than I expected to have. As for my current position well that I decided upon the second the elections were declared as I felt I had alot of unfinished business in the house plus in my opinion I was best suited to lead due to my experience in the past administration as well as my passion to revamp and invigorate the house and now even though we started work really late I’m beginning to see the fruits of our labour.
Well, that’s a very Interesting to know, and what exactly is the function of the Senate in the faculty?

Ans: Well we are the legislative arm of the faculty and as such carry out such functions given to us by Sec 5(8) of the LSS Constitution. We consist of a of 7 senators representing each class including year one. Our functions include law making functions, investigative functions as well as the functions as a check on executive excesses. We take all these functions extremely seriously and are dedicated to properly representing our various constituencies properly. In fact four of our present executives as well as our immediate lss president are former senators of the faculty.

From your point of view, Do you think holding a position in the faculty has any bearing on a person’s career prospects?
Ans:that’s a good question, and in answer to that question, one must understand that the Job market is extremely saturated right now, however a monkey would still be a monkey even if it’s the president of America, so one needs not only gain lofty positions,one needs to be hardworking, get good grades and have a great behaviour, you can never discount a great behaviour even though being in a leadership position would give you opportunities to meet with people as well as learn a lot of practical skills, it’s only better sided with hardwork and good grade. It’s not a straight ticket being in a leadership position to a great life.

Specific Career aspirations?
Intellectual property law, advertising or the public service the military is my obvious choice but unfortunately I’m flat footed and so automatically persona non grata.

If You had the power to change one thing in the world, what would that be?

Ans: Well most people are intolerant of what they don’t understand and if we could all understand each other the world would be a much safer and better place.

Who are your role models?
Ans: That would be my parents because they were my first heroes and still wow me till today. For a global figure it would probably be king Peter the first of Russia because he was given so little and yet he carved out one of the most enduring empires the world has ever seen. Leaving a legacy is everything to me.
If you could swap lives with somebody for a day, who would it be?
Well if it’s someone living well probably Cristiano Ronaldo. Even then probably JFK. However, on second thought someone living then George R R Martin so I can know how game of thrones actually ends before everyone else lol 😁

House on fire, save one thing and one person.
Ans: Lol! well this is difficult, i would probably save the bible given to me by my late grand mother. And for people I would rather sacrifice myself than be forced to choose amongst the people I love

Finally What Philosophy drives you in life?
Ans: Well I believe in the principles of hard work, unwavering principles, duty, commitment to family friends and loved ones and finally the old quote that one doesn’t have to be one of the religious to be truly religious.

IMG 20150720 141927
Onikosi Toyosi. Toyosi has been writing since she was old enough to spell; she loves sweets and noodles. Socially awkward, she’s a big fan of writers like J.K Rowling, Chimamanda Adichie, and Wole Soyinka. She adores her brother and her two best friends Gabriel and Zainab.

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