MONDAY Merchandise

They say you can tell a lot by a man’s shoes. I don’t know who “they” are, but “they” are very right. Of course,they also say you can always change a man’s shoes if you don’t like them, but you’re still stuck with the man who decided to buy those shoes in the first place. And what is that man-shoe combination trying to tell you? Square-toed shoes say, “The 90s were everything.” Birkenstocks say, “ThePacific Northwestis everything.” And Keds with no laces say, “Hey, girl.”

It’s time to start controlling what your footwear says about you. Here are some made-to-order and even bespoke shoes that will let you express yourself through shoes. Not familiar with the difference between bespoke and made-to-order? Ok, I’ll take off my bitchy fashion cap for a moment to explain: Made-to-order is extreme customization—when a customer takes an existing style and selects the color, materials, and details.Bespoke is when an item is made from scratch to a buyer’s specification.Measurements are taken, and a pattern is then cut, tailored to fit, and personalized. The term is generally applied to men’s tailored clothing. Bespoke items, like haute couture, often require several fittings and sometimes even sketches. It is a process so involved that your tailor—or in this case, your cobbler—will likely be your new best friend by the end.

After reading this, you will have no excuse to be square—and especially square-toed.

I have to concede that most of these shoes are not Expensive, but these are shoes that, with proper care, you will literally have for life.

Kastrow shoes.

08082291178 (Whatsapp); 09051116485 (Telephone)
333CFC86 (Bbm)
@Kastrow_shoes (Instagram).
Conquer the world with the right Sole.

Purse/Clutch Making Classes

YourClosetGirl And January5ive Creations Present
1Week Intensive classes on
Purse/Clutch Making
You don’t want to miss it.
Registration ends 30th October 2015
Contact: 07084469067, 07083358200
For enquiries and registration
Visit for more info
Tell a friend to tell a friend and don’t miss this opportunity to be a pro at making stylish purses and clutch.


The University of Lagos Students Union in conjunction with Vercity Wears presents the Official UNILAG Students’ Wears Collection. The wears collection which was launched at the Grand Finale of the UNILAG Sports Festival consists of Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Varsity Jackets are available for sale in Tommies Cafe, Student Union Building, Beside Sport Centre. You can place your orders on For enquiries, call 08066872325, 08131943075, 07056087825. IG: @vercitywears, Twitter: @VercityWears FB: vercitywears.

This segment is strictly for Law Students. All Law Students who wish to have their businesses advertised on the blog should send their publications in by Sunday Morning.

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