DIY – Make Your Leggings into a Blouse

Hello to my lovely readers, I guess it’s been awhile since I wrote a fashion post so here is one for you guys.  So like I always say boredom brings out the creativity in me. So on a Saturday morning,  I woke up feeling extremely bored and since my mum wasn’t around for me to disturb, I took a scissor and cut my leggings, no joke it’s quite easy.
Things You Need

• Pair of leggings ( old pair if you like)

• Scissors

• Hard cover book

• Chalk or maker

• Needle and thread


• Take your leggings and fold it into half

• Mark a semi circle or ‘V’ on the crotch part with a chalk or maker depending on the neckline you want to get but try not to let the cut be too large else you will have a very low cleavage.

• Put your leggings on a hard cover and take the scissors and gently cut away the marked area.

• Open the leggings and hem the edges with needle and thread for a neat finish.

• (Optional) Design top with gem stones or beads however you like.  

Following this step and if you do it right, I guarantee you will have a new crop top to rock out. Pair with jeans,  shorts or skirts however you like. For more fashion and diy tips check out my personal blog don’t forget to subscribe.

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