An Angry Man

By Dosumu Agboola

Far away and further still but your image is ingrained in my mind and you seem a shadow away and your singing voice seems to echo in my ears. She was named right, only royalties create such beauty. Forget her, she’s not right for you. Moreover, what do you see in her? My mind keeps engaging my heart in a one-sided conversation. Tabula rasa is the adjective for my heart as it has no reply to these facts.



What do I have to offer her other than my love? Christ knows I love her. But is that enough? Shouldn’t it be a two-way traffic? At her beck and call I’ll do whatsoever. Without a picture to aid my memory I recollect her face as if she is right here with me. Oh, welcome to my love life, one of gloom and despair. I employed a succubus but it forgot how to go about its duty. I put my nose to grindstone but all that comes to mind is her face. Why do I love you so? Perhaps a deliverance service would come in handy but I can’t bear the thought of no thoughts of you.
A lot of others are out there but it seems that even when they have all your good qualities, they lack your bad. Tell me, do I not sound crazy? Have you ever heard of someone in love with another’s dark side? I think I need a rethink, this is not love, this is madness! You’ve made me a mad man! But then, I’ll be a madder man without you. Now that you aren’t with me, then I am a madder man than I was. Yet, since it took me this long to realize my folly, madness then is litotes for what ails me. Yet still, the fact that I still love you regardless of my discovery has rendered the dictionary useless in providing me with adjectives. In the light of these, am sorry but I hate you.

Published by Teni Akeju

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