Before we continue, please allow us to wish you God’s guidance and success in your upcoming exams.

Part of the agenda for the 2015/2016 Exco team (RESURGENCE), is the “BOOK DROP”

The raison d’etre of this initiative is to be able to provide Law Students who do not have the means to purchase certain books and materials, to be able to make use of used books and materials that are no longer being used by other fellow lawyers in equity

-For those of us who have two copies of the same textbook,
-For those of us who have no further use for our textbooks
-For those of us who have a copy of a textbook that is soo tattered or ugly that they wouldn’t give their worst enemy
-For those of us who won’t use our books in the future either because we aren’t going into the legal profession,
For those of us who when we start work, will trade in our Kodlinye and Aluko for Winfield and Jolowicz or trade our Sagay for Cheshire, Fifoot and Furmston

We beseech you, as soon as the exams are over, come and drop off these books and materials at the LSS office, so that we may refurbish them and people who may need them a little more than you, can use them.

Thank You!!!!!

Inquiries/Questions/How Far?
:- Moyin :- 08092753194
Rolake :- 08069824535


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