May all the law classes relish and bask in euphoric celebration and elation.
May we have no cause to repeat in our sophomore, intermediate,
quaternary and final years any preceding course during any
May our dreams and hopes as individuals, a society and a people come
to full actualization.
May our connecting ties not omit or pretermit our connection.
May we glow and grow into incontrovertible transformation.
May our undermentioned years be ones of amazing manifestation.
May we have no cause to be nonstarters and no hopers even as
naturalized members of this nation.
May we succeed in the strive and stride to successfully touchdown our
May this new month pave our paths into steady and speedy reformation.
May the resurgence team be empowered to engage the sceptered mandate
assigned to it to uniquely carve a designation.
May we have no cause to witness the irony personified look of
celebration, jubilation and congratulations.

Our little way of welcoming you to November as a blog and our denoting
means of saying we’re back to be bigger and better.

Ajayi Samuel

Published by Teni Akeju

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