By Oreoluwa Bello
All sunshine makes the desert. The Saharas of human life are as vast and innumerable as the erythrocytes in our blood streams.
“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates “-Thomas Szasz
While I was young,this will be nothing bildungsromanic, but.. while I was young and the days look orange and strange. The airs I breath while I scramble behind my mother on our way to her shop at surulere ;passing through the mayhem of the former Bolade Bus stop. Those times when the air that fills your lung seem straight from the factory. It seems like life is just one pale smelling place. Leave where you are, you reading this go to an open space and smell life, how pale it smells! Unless you’be worn a perfume.
While I was a boy, there was a game we play “Suwe “they call it, the philosophy of which I would draw on.
In Suwe, houses are drawn on the ground to a certain maximum number. Then you as a participant are to throw a pebble at the house you are to jump, jumping all through the other houses with a leg raised .This is the analogy, you are the architect of how long you keep going at the game. You miss out at lane three your game ends at lane three and somebody else takes over. The pebble you throw determines how far you go and must make and I think then,whenever I miss, did I not throw my fate myself? then why should I fail at it.
Life is a sequence of destinations where you begin a journey just after reaching your destination. However you get there, is a process, a constant one. The points of our lives when we decide which way to go to get to that point Maslow called self actualization is in the early 20s of our lives.All of us carry about overbloated images of ourselves. We believe we all can be billionaires, that we can all build mansions, that we all can have smooth careers, marry a god as a partner, and die at old age. We all want to be known and famous.Our parents all believe and pray that we -all of us their children will become presidents. There can only be one president in a generation of a society.
Nobody has thought how the incapacity of man in this regards of his aims. How limited nature has left us instead we all see supermen in ourselves. Incapacity begats incapacity,so a man will become friends with that person that makes him see less of his incapacity with confidence. We will all get to our destinations, just the ways and means of which,that disparage -for some prompt others slow.
The wheels of destiny that rolled.unschooled Abe Lincoln become a president, made Obama a leader, that killed Malcolm X and the two Luthers for their non conformism. Those wheel of unseen forces which John Fletcher rejected when he said “man is his own fate,
a soul that can render a honest and perfect man
controls all influence, controls all fate,
nothing to him comes too early and nothing to him comes late ” man is his own star.
Motor tyre roll me away. The way the vehicle I take on my journey home rolls me off to my abode. Just roll us all.
I wish to be and not to be things that are latent in my mind. I wish to be good, happy, fulfilled in life but do not wish to be above a hundred here when even philosophy can not define life -she claims life is “to do “,later then “to be “,and more correctly “scooby dooby do “.
Motor tyre, tyre motor, carry me to love life even when gravitation cannot be held responsible for my falling. I close with J K Rowling “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live “.We should all live life well and with wisdom, our motor tyre might betray us. Overlook the nebulous prognostications and have faith in Providence and your motor tyre which are the things you do and don’t do that will tell where you will be two years from today.

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Ore Bello is a columnist, essayist and Social Critic. Born and Bred in an environment with a high level of “Street Sense”, he can make a Mecca out of an Agege. He delivers issues from the trivial to the serious


  1. Thank you mr stones, one thing about writing or creativity itself by the artist is the way it is received, good readers can sense something in a piece no matter how obscure the theme of that piece maybe. So just try get the theme


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