BVN – by Jones & Tobolos

Negus: /noun/ Title used for a king or emperor (ancient)
Bachcha: /noun/ a child or young person/ unsophisticated, naive or immature person

Every step I take, I believe is a reflection of who I am, of what I am,  of where I’ve been,  of what I will be.

I watch, ponder and peruse the sayings, styling and speeches

of individuals who I deem to be greater than I am. These individuals,  with their domineering personalities which have totally eclipsed the cornucopia of inadequacies, flaws and irregularities that they may possess within their schema, personalities or cognitive processes, and yet they are viewed as iconic, godlike or immortal, in fact, most of their fans, subjects or loyalists even find it difficult to harbour the thought of their masters, commanders or puppeteers sneezing, coughing or defecating, because they believe that they have been doused with litres upon litres of an elixir, yes, an elixir which has turned them into mavens in the art of life,  power and survival. 

Alas, on the flip side, I view these young ones, they have been cursed with gallons upon gallons of youthful exuberance, yet they are unfortunately unbalanced with the requisite wisdom, knowledge and understanding of what makes this game called “life” tick or talk in your favour. They chase myopic trivial pleasures such as sexual fulfillment, muscular enrichment, or worst of all… money. They don’t understand what it means to have a thousand at their Beck and call. Goons, goblins and ghouls,  all patiently waiting to be deployed,  ready to follow the master’s orders,  ready to devour and skewer those thought to be on the level of manure and keep the remnants like Manuel Neuer.

These masters,  Mussolini, Hitler, Theomisticles, Saul, Churchill, Mandela etc ahhhhhhhhhhhh, no no,  they weren’t young and inexperienced,  no no, they had King like mentalities, Emperoresque thought processes,  Sorcerer like visions,  yes yes, they sought to be Godlike in the eyes of their audiences,  they would open their mouths and send oxytocin straight to the pleasure centres of whoever sought to listen….. … In the same way a woman would never forget one who has caused her to climax and give him 50 shades of whatever colour he desires,  so also would anyone who causes an orgasm to occur in the ears of an audience member, momentarily turn his listener into pinocchio, while he the speaker, unceremoniously meta morphs into Gepetto, (is that too difficult?) he turns his listener to his puppet, up until the time that he shuts his mouth, but by then, the audience member is too exhausted from applauding, too flustered from having his mental cavity breached,  too encumbered from the memory of the ecstatic performance, that he slowly begins to give in.

The difference between the BACHCHA and the NEGUS is the fact that the latter doesn’t set out to learn how to master the throwing of Spears, shooting of guns or bursting of heads,  rather the NEGUS makes himself larger than life, he or she clouds his or her flaws with ideas of perfection, he or she doesn’t go out to gather but serves as magnet and makes them gather,  he or she opens his or her mouth and stuns, wows and aurally disembowels, he or she hones the ART OF PUBLIC SPEAKING, he or she masters the MICROPHONE,  he or she becomes a MIC MAN

Signed: Negus

“BVN, Bachcha Versus Negus”, man versus god, servant versus king, the inexperienced versus the emperor of experiences!

My name is Lehundebe Acacia S. Peters, but you can call me ‘Bachcha’ I was not born with a silver spoon, but one good thing about not being born with a silver spoon is that somehow your mouth is free and you can talk, for you don’t talk while eating I hear… and talk I will.

I know you have heard the words of a Negus, a king whose head is crowned with great jewels of oxytocin, and applauses and the indescribable feeling of having an audience enraptured by your words, hanging on every syllable, bewitched by every gesture. I may not be a Negus, an emperor or a god like he is, but I too can be a mic man!

No, I do not have the wealth of experience that the Negus has, but I too can scintilate an audience, I too can have them pumping the air in exhilaration or heaving heavy sighs in exasperation! I believe that the belief one has in oneself can push one to achieve the mightiest feats and oh yes do I believe!

I am bachcha and although I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I was born with a metal mic.

Sweet sounding syllables mouthed over mounted microphones. Eager expectant ears, drowning each drop of delicious Grammer. Yes! I dare to dare the deities, I defy the demons that weaken my knees and spring forth butterflies in my abdomen like a case of metagastricpuparization (yes, it ought to be a word!) I dare the the demi-gods and demons to deign to accept my challenge!

If they do, then let them be ready! For so shall I! This battle between the mighty and the minnow, the great and the gadfly! The Negus and the Bachcha! Oh shall it be beautiful, a thing of legends, a battle to be remembered for ages to come, as fire shall spew from animated mouths like Sango! It shall inflame the microphones, exhumed by the speakers like an ancient house of assembly and char the audience! I shall be ready, for I have signed up with Jones & Tobolos for ‘The Microphone’ and I too shall become a mic man! Watch out for me!

Signed: Bachcha

PS: They promise that the Microphone itself will be much easier to follow.

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