Bon Apres-Midi by Jones Ayuwo.

Hit the spot

Eso People.

I am not heatless, I feel for Paris. But I will not join in this zealous hypocrisy.
I am Nigerian before being a world citizen. And in Nigeria we experience a black Friday event every week. Rarely gets covered by the western press, nobody really cares about us. So, I’m more concerned about my friends who are in law school in Kano and Yola. They are the ones that really need my prayers. I want to see them again. I am more concerned more concerned about Uncle Kola who works in Borno, im not sure he’ll be here for Christmas. I’m more concerned about the terrorists found in Lagos recently. UNILAG is an easy target.
I am concerned because Nigerians are more concerned about Paris than we are about Nigeria. The enthusiasm about anywhere else but Nigeria is overwhelming.
Sad” – A Certain brilliant somebody

However, July 26 – 29…

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  1. Hehehe, nice one man… the exasperation from the past shouldn’t elude the hope for the future. Besides i believe a prayer for one’s country is a necessity not an option


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