Before You Respond To The French Issue (Bon Apres-Midi)

In contrast…

Eso People.


By A Concerned Nigerian.

I read an article yesterday about the Nigerian response to the attacks in Paris, and how we should be allowed to empathize with the French and use their flags as DPs and blah. The article was problematic to say the least, but it’s the sentiment of an overwhelming majority of Nigerians and it’s important to know and understand some things before making a judgement.


Nobody reasonable is going to tell you not to care about people dying. That isn’t the issue at all & to ignore the real issue, attack this non-issue and sit back like you’ve won a prize is disingenuous. The issue is the one-sidedness of the ‘empathy’. If all people were given this empathy, of course nobody would complain. Also, can we stop using the word ‘empathize’? Because unless you or anyone you know has ever been…

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