They keep coming- one at a time
Filling my head- with thoughts so wild
‘Trying to fathom what this whole mess’s ’bout
Then I realize it’s my emotions playing foul.

Along came the first, some sort of Messi
Wish I’d known it would get messy
Thought I was being nice- showing him some ‘mercy’
Till it dawned that this pretense was making me so-sick

Up came the next, with a bunch of keys
He appeared so fierce, I thought he was Hercules
Struggling with emotions, I was brought to my knees
This time not to pray, buh struggling with hurt that made me freeze

And on and on, till the ones with ring
I try allaying my fears- listening to the nightingales sing
But hey! This is no joke, it seems the dreaded day is real

And this dee-day, I kneel before the priests in white
My fate bout to be decided in just a while
All surrounding faces smiling for God knows why
While I’m here freaking out like I’m about entering a prison yard

My name is Annasthesia;
As strong as I’ve appeared, I’ve a weakness.
The Covent I dread and I’ve never wanted
Nd just like it was, with the boys- I’ve amnesia

Right now, as I say the final ‘amen’, it dawns on me that my weakness is calling the shots.
And I just hope this very ship won’t run amok.

Ifeolwa E.


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