We all have to agree that sometimes karma is beyond ruthless even though most times we find ourselves at fault like this time where I was actually at fault.

You see I’m not exactly a bad person, I just have days were I’m particularly nasty and that day was the case.

I had gone to the salon with my friend and her older sister, she took us to this big salon in surulere where most celebrities frequent. If you ask me, salons are the same fancy or no fancy, the workers gossip like crazy and there’s always drama. So we started talking about random things which included insulting people.

We had this habit of insulting funny outfits or whatever we thought was bad, my friend was particularly nasty, she went as far as saying one innocent pregnant woman looked like bag of rice.

Then a tall skinny lady obviously in her late twenties entered the salon, immediately we launched attack, you can’t blame us, the lady was actually all uppity like a boss. My friends like

“Look at this skinny alien”

And as God will have it, the lady sat beside us, you would think that would shut us up but we continued

My friend started whispering and being the nasty person I was, I asked her

“Why are you whispering, she’s ugly af would she beat us and even if she hears what can she do?”

I didn’t even code it but if she heard it she clearly ignored it.

Did I forget to mention I was relaxing my hair for an important audition the next day. So the following day, I went for the audition at lekki.

The crowd was like star trek as usual so after taking my measurement, I was told to go into the CEO’s office with my pair of heels, I was nervous because I had to prove myself if I really want to get picked I mean this audition was really big for me, she was a big shot in the Nigerian modelling industry and her picking me would pave way for bigger and even international modelling recognition. I knocked on the door and I heard someone say enter, I entered and closed the door behind me.

I saw a lady seated but her face was buried inside her laptop, when I said good afternoon, she looked up.

“Oh. MY.GOD. Jesus Christ oh my GAWD!”

I mentally slapped myself, God I was speechless. It was the woman from the salon yesterday. Talk about karma being a bitch. I just got served.

Of course I didn’t get picked.
IMG 20150728 190435
Mayowa folami (mostly called Ziza), quirky writer, fashion Blogger and model. My personal blog is yourclosetgirl, follow on instagram @makeupbyziza and twitter @styledbyziza

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