Being moved and touched (emphatically) by your display of sagacity
when I commended your look without the application of make-up and/or
any form of attachment, I had to quickly draft this piece.
Elated and delighted will be the best words to qualify me if and when
this gets to a good number of ladies.

You Propelled This Work.

Your Worth!
Hi Lady!
I concur and adjure that you are beautiful just the way you are! You
don’t need a beautiful makeup to make your worth appealing… You
don’t need a fancy hairstyle or hair do to give you the desired and
expected significance in the society or in any environment (Unilag
inclusive), you don’t need to dress half naked in other to gain
“attention”, “eye admiration” or “pleasing commendation” from people…
You don’t need an outfit from the underworld to give you relevance
amongst people (looking comely is though necessary), neither do you
need the approval of a man to recognise your worth!
From my bank of experience (or you might like to say little
experience), I have discovered that true beauty shines from the
within! Focus on being beautiful on the inside as much as many do on
the outside! Being beautiful on the inside speaks of your character
and conduct; You can’t apply the makeup (cosmetics) on your heart but
you can make your character better! If you want to be adored then
you’ve gat make yourself adorable, if you want to be respected, then
you are assigned to make yourself respectable. It’s time to discover
all the beautiful things that make you unique… and own and hone them
with all sense of CONFIDENCE. The moment you cease being a lady that
desperately needs a man and focus on creating a better you, then you
will become the lady a man needs.

You are the best on earth. Even your absence in the garden of Eden was felt.

You are the fairest in the globe. Lexicographers had to accompany your
name with ‘the fairer sex’.

You are still the most fragile being around. No wonder you’ve gat a
lot of instructions and manual directions all over your physical self.

Love a woman.
Respect a lady.
Adore a girl.
I know nothing about bae.

(This piece is drafted to appraise the comme il faut of STEPHANY; LAW

Ajayi Samuel.


  1. You’re the same person that wrote a love/apology letter to a guy, now you’re repeating this nonsense, but this time with a female who probably doesn’t even know you exist. Both posts are completely idiotic and I’m wondering who keeps on publising below average trash like this on this blog. Nigga what is wrong with you?


  2. lol.
    Whoever it is you are.
    A BI*** or a nigka. I don’t care all I wanna say is you’re an irritant, bred and squeezed out of a tube of retardation.
    Why the nonsense attack on his personality.
    There are only two facts here:
    1.SamAzing is the best writer this blog has ever witnessed. He is the finest.
    2. You’re a half-baked reader, a saddist and obviously, a poor thinker.
    Next time, you learn ethics and linguistic decorum before exposing your foolishness.


  3. Respect to you Ajayi Samuel.
    My word to you is not to mind haters or ill-wishers. All you just need do is continually trust in God and keep doing what you enjoy. Envy is a malady. Jealousy is an illness. We love you. I love you the more. *mababy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is by far one of the best literary work I’ve seen and trust me,I’ve viewed a myriad. Some people just don’t acknowledge the beauty of words and the power to curate its structure. Sam’s just doing what he does best…….he’s being amazing


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