Kpaa !!!….and moments later i was on the floor crying, holding my cheek. So red it was, it looked like zeus had reached from heaven and touched my cheek with his fiery hands.
I stumbled trying to get up….and Crack!!! another blow hit…. this time on my back…the pain ran through my spine so fast it felt like a snake slithering quickly through the grass after decimating its victim. Needless to say i was flat out on the floor, speechless… my only respite unconsciousness.
I could feel that favourite friend of anyone in pain…crawling, silently gloating, reaching out gently to claim its victim…
I turned onto my back to behold the face of he who hit me so hard, he who pressed me so down i couldn’t rise, he who became a willing instrument to despair, he who silently nudged me towards pains willing arms.

I met with a mask so hideous and appalling i couldn’t imagine why anyone would adorn such..well except ofcourse you were a demon….and who else but a demon would push me to Oblivions abode.
My grief grew so much it became an ink to my pen..and i wrote….. THESE ARE MY LAST WORDS!!!
I love you all but forgive me
my heart fails me
i have ran life’s race and lost
fate has dealt me her worst
and i have swallowed all her pills
and now my tears drown me
for i have surrendered my feeble soul
to that one whose arms so chilling
it embraced me and off i was
to a land where only slumber reigned!
I painfully gave the paper to that one behind the mask and begged him read it to YOU all!!! He touched his mask and tore it off his face…..there stood ME!!! clear handsome faced…oh how young and alive I looked…………but I was gone……




  1. The constant battle each individual has with “self” every passing day goes to show that alot truly hides behind a smile. Nice One!


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