The Dream by Joshua Omenga

To all Bunmis

Eso People.

Into the depth of your eyes I look
Arrested by the passion in your stare
Magnetised by the glamour in your cheeks
Lost in the glory of your presence
Behind, the lagoon’s whispers
Make me oblivious of all but you
Sitting by my side
Radiant like the moon
And then you laugh
And fall into my arms
And I am consumed
By the fires of your touch
There are neither you nor I,
Only us, bounded by unutterable pleasure…

But then, like fruit severed
You are plucked from my arms
I see you disappear like comet
And I awake
Holding onto my pillow
Groping for your presence.
Why can’t it forever be night
And I a-dream
In your sweet presence?
I want to be there
Watching the sparkle in your eyes
Listening to the melody of your voice
Lost in the thrill of your touch.
O Bunmi, why can’t I…

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