BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, The Biafran Armageddon by Joshua Omenga

Eso People.

Nigeria has swallowed a long pestle and can only sleep standing upright. Several years of misgovernment and incompetence – there is no need to enumerate – have brought Nigeria to an explosion point. The clock is ticking, the fuse is readying to light, but before it explodes…
Even from the standpoint of the cynic, the agitation for Biafra is real and urgent, and so should be its solution. But it seems that the stakeholders – or is it the power-holders? – are not aware of how real and urgent, even as news media make fortunes from its reportage. However, even if the government official, the politician, the minister and what-have-you brokers of power are unaware of these developments, the man on the street will not fail to notice it when, as now, the blood starts to flow; the woman in the market will not fail to notice it when tomato…

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