It’s great to have you all in this house.You have gone through the hurdles of keenly contested elections to find yourselves seated in these Hallowed Chambers. Congratulations!
I am an ardent believer in the words of Malcolm X that, ‘nobody can give you freedom, nobody can give equality or justice or anything, if you are a man, you take it!’. It is on this note that I recognize that it is hightime we took ULSUSLC from what it is to what it ought to be. Then the question is, what is it that it ought to be?
This house is established and vested with legislative powers pursuant to Article 4, Section 1 of The University of Lagos Students’ Union Constitution.
It is my candid belief that we can, through the mechanism of the ULSUSLC, teach other legislative bodies the main purport of the parliament.
The parliament is popularly referred to as the “custodian of the law”. It is in this vein that I title this manifesto – The Custodian: Setting Leadership Standards
The custodian is that student who has taken the welfarism of his fellow student as priority; that student who has made up his mind that the welfare of his fellow students must be enhanced via the law. The custodian is you, the custodian is me.
I will be canvassing this manifesto under two bullets:
-My responsibilities to you as fellow custodians
-My responsibilities to the student body.
Our business in this house is to make laws. Conversely, we are trained in different professions – some of which are at disparity with the business of the law. If I am elected as the leader of this hallowed house, I will ensure that we set up a visit to the Lagos State House of Assembly. This will give us, as a team, a background idea of how this house should be run. This will ensure that we improve on what we learn with the motive of setting parliamentary standards.
For easy and optimal service to our union, I will ensure that we all get bed spaces in hostels of our choice. Emphasis on “of our choice”.
I will ensure that our parliamemtary engagement does not hamper our academic commitment. Our sittings will be held at reasonable times.
Let me state at this point that the ideology by which I stand is the welfarism of the student and liberation of the union. In my capacity as Speaker, if elected, I will ensure that the welfare of the union is greatly improved. I will also make sure that our union is return its glorious status for which it was known. These can be achieve only through the law.
This house under my auspices will ensure that we amend the constitution of the Union.
Our primary function is law-making. I will ensure that we legislate majorly on the welfare of the students (this power is vested by the joint action of Article 4, Section 4(N) and Article 2, Section 3(1)A). Our resolution shall be forwarded to the executive for implementation.
A corollary to our primary function is checking the excesses of the executive. This house, under my watch, will shun high handedness, mal-appropriation, abuse of office inter alia by any executive member of the cabinet.
I will also ensure that faculties’ legislative arms are constitutionally recognized.
This house will under my watch move for the establishment of hostels’ Legislative Council.
Finally, I am also very open to suggestions, views and ideas of the house.
In the words of Joy Golliver: “the meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it out”. Vote me as Speaker and with your cooperation, I promise to exhaust all my abilities to liberate this union and enhance the welfare of the students.

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