Have you had days that you don’t want to wake up I mean it’s not like you want to die, it’s just you don’t want to wake up….from your bed. So there I lie on my bed thinking of how I woke up to another dead day, what good could possibly come out from today when I foolishly agreed to be a delivery man and help my friend deliver her boyfriend’s birthday cake to him.

I kept asking myself why I agreed in the first place then I remembered she bribed me, I even convinced her too you see there’s nothing a large box of barbecue pizza and big bowl of cold stone ice cream can’t solve. Then I remembered yesterday and I cringed, I went to debonairs feeling like a boss, I ordered pizza ready to launch my newly collected atm card which was fine by the way until the cashier or whatever is called tried using pos and my card got declined three times! Talk about the feeling of despair. I was silently losing it I mean I crossed borders to reach this place, I left that local ozone, leisure mall and even shoprite surulere to find myself in lekki, the universe is working against me or maybe it’s the spirit of all my exes.

Then I went to use the atm and lo and behold it rejected my card, why is everyday a bad day I silently cursed and that’s when I started to persuade my friend to bribe me. So I finally got my pizza and ice cream which summed up my day yesterday.

Now I’m creating scenarios in my head on how I was going to tell my father I needed money to refill my makeup box. Then I went to meet him.

“Daddy if I asked you for 100k now what will you say?”

He just chuckled in a very sarcastic way I hate.

“I will tell you go and work for it or better still go and finish studying law”

I frown.

“Daddy you know you are breaking my heart right”

This time he laughed and my younger sister had the audacity to join in.

“But Awa someone without a heart can’t be heartbroken”

My mouth dropped open. Well played daddy well played. Don’t worry I will make sure you spend more than 40k on handout next semester. I stomped back to my room to crash. Another boring day in my boring life.

Hope you guys are enjoying your holiday because mine is beyond whack.

IMG 20150728 190435
Mayowa folami (mostly called Ziza), quirky writer, fashion Blogger and model. My personal blog is yourclosetgirl, follow on instagram @makeupbyziza and twitter @styledbyziza


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