A woman; an adult female person as opposed to a man. Sometimes
referred to as the fairer sex.

Pondering and wondering why the contemporary experience in our world
seem contrary to the expected in line with the above, some flying
thoughts paid me visit and I decided to not only to pen down, but also
share my stance and stand.

1. No woman can call herself free, for she does not own but is in
control of her own body.

2. Women in control of their destiny are super vital in shaping their
nation’s future.

3. The tragedy of life is nothing not your inability to reach your
goal, but rather, not having a goal at all. As a reminder, those
without goals, live like goats.

4. Better health, education And freedom to plan their families’ future
will not only widen women’s economic choices, but it will also
liberate their mind and rejuvenate their spirit.

5. God the maker, knows the importance Of the clitoris; why then do
you remove it?

6. Every woman is in danger; who looks sideways when other women suffer abuses.

7. Every man is a fool to the woman he loves. The gullibility of the manhood.

8. The whole world steps aside for a woman who knows where she is going.

9. The empowerment of a woman is the empowerment of humanity

10. Our (women) voices must be heard amidst any attempt to make this
hard. We don’t have to grow beards or act bears before we can be

WORDS BY⇨ ⓜⓞⓢⓗⓨⓑⓞⓛⓐⓣⓐⓝ

As edited by Ajayi Samuel (SamAzing).

IMG 20150816 WA0002
Ajayi O. Samuel. Popularly known as ‘SamAzing’. He believes natality permits him to write while creativity commands him to write right. A learner from experienced pen Lords, he concurs; A prospective author. Never misses a chance to treat a lady right. Lover of God. His pen tells more…


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